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A friend in the afternoon.

I'm a nice-looking, middle-aged MARRIED guy, in a plain-vanilla marriage. I'm not planning to leave this relationship, but I'd really love to put a little intimacy back into my life. I've got a good sense of humor, a good sense of myself, and I'd love to please a nice woman.

Swingers in waco tx I'd like to meet a nice, down-to-earth, married woman who's not feeling appreciated and whose intimacy needs are not currently being fulfilled.

I think we'd find much to offer each other. And please... No pros!

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Swinger wife

Hi my name is ~*Crystal*~ and I like to have *Fun* with one guy and also I am a very *Clean* and *Sexy* ~*Lady*~ and I just had my yearly check-up in ~*February*~ and all tests came back *Negative* and I hope I can trust the guy who want to have *Fun* with me tell me the same information that I gave them on here and I hope to find a very *kind* *respectful* *Sexy* ~*Man*~ who is going to treat me like I wanted to be treated I am so *Horny* right about now and I am going to *Explode* and can somebody *Cum* help me lol how I spell *Cum* that's how I want to do right about now I need to *Cum* all over your *Big* *Brown* *Long* *Dick* inside my *Wet* and *Juicy* *Pretty* *Pussy* and it is *Bald* to and I really don't have *Sex* the first night but I will tonight at least *U* are *Clean* and we both *Click* to each other like we know each other for a real long time *U* know how *U* meet that person for the first time and it seem like we know each other *U* know what I am saying now who want *Sum* of this *Good* *Wet* *Juicy* *Bald* *Pussy* in there *Mouth* and *U* can stick your nice size *Dick* in my *Wet* *Pussy* *Cum* and get it and it is all yours don't be afraid I want bite I will be nice and gentle I promise I will be up all night waiting for some *Guy* to *Cum* over and give me what I am waiting for *Sum* *Good* *Dick* I am sorry I will take any *Color* *Chocolate* *Vanilla* all *Flavs* and any *Size* it is how *U* work it so make me feel real *Good* like I would *U* and *Guys* I want disappoint *U* and *U* are going to like what I have between my *Pretty* *Phat* *Thighs* my *Pretty* *Phat* *Juicy* *Pussy* I am really getting so *Horny* for who ever is still up waiting for me so *Cum* on and get your *Pussy* and I *Promise* *U* will *Cum* back for more it is very *Good* and *Tasty* I have to end this now I am to *Fucking* *Horny* bye *Guys* P.

S. I am still up so *Cum* on and get it *Kisses-Kisses*I wrote it in my *Profile* ~*ABOUT-ME*~ that I am so *Horny* just *Read* it it is in my *Profile* ~*ABOUT-ME* so sorry that I wrote it in the wrong spot oh well I am so damn *Good* *U* will be back for seconds I never had any complaints I guarantee *U* will be back for more the best of luck who *Cum* to see my *Pretty* *Wet* *Juicy* *Pussy* first *Cum* can have it all for them self bye *Guys* P.

S. See who ever *Cums* and claim there *Prize* my *Pussy* and *Lick* it nice and gentle and I will do the same for *U* *Kisses-Kisses*

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Swingers in waco tx

I am a young looking 53, 5'9", 190#, brown hair, blue eyes. Can't read emails. Find me at the smilie place. cotxjmn is all you need. Sensitive, good looking(according to others) gentleman with a desire to enjoy life, love and happiness.

I like the outdoors, fishing, gardening or just hiking around a trail or lake. Last year I got a harley heritage softail classic motorcycle for weekend trips to no where special.

Care to ride along? I like to do lots of different outdoor activities. I enjoy snuggling, walking hand in hand, giving massages and cuddling on the couch watching a movie or whatever else we may be watching.

I enjoy reading, mysteries, fantasies, listening to most types of music except hard rock, rap or heavy metal. I enjoy dressing up to go to the theater or other live performances. Swingers in waco tx Not sure what I am here for or for how long I will be here.

What I would ultimately like to find is my best friend and lover for the next 50 years of my life. Until that time I am looking for friends, friends with benefits, sexual relations, online flirting, chats, etc.

Please don't add me or request to add if you are not going to chat or email once in a while.

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Swinger wife

we are a couple who is completely satisfied with each other we are just looking to try new things. we are new to this life style so there might be a bit of shyness on her part i however am very open and out going i love to make people laugh and just have fun, i am in a wheel chair have been for just over a year but it still works and no she doesn't do all the work, she can be shy but basically like me just loves to have funwe are looking for a women 18-20 some thin who she can play with while i watch.

we want some one who we can both relax with and just really have fun weather or not its in the bed room we dont care we need more friends any way race cup size doesnt matter size to an extent were not very shallow so if your intrested hell send us a message you never know

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Swinger wife

Hey what's up guys? Just looking for substance and maybe more. I'm a struggling artist/student who likes the finer things in life and I don't mean sex and drugs. But since this is a "" site I'm willing to bend the rules a bit.

I enjoy doing beautiful things with awesome company and I'm good with conversation. (I ask alot of questions.) I was raised in an artsy fartsy type family, so I'm very open minded and unique.

There's nothing worse then closed minded people. I appreciate diversity and culture. I can't stand guys that say they're "Straight Acting." Swingers in waco tx 18 to 30. Fairly in shape, I'm good with average physique, I'm a bit picky when it comes to the face though.

You gotta be cute in order for me to hook up with you. I mean it is a . Gorgeous eyes and lips are my weakness aswell as tattoos and piercings.

Pretty much anything goes in the sack as long as it's clean and safe. I'm huge on being safe. HIV and STD Free here, so you be too. I'm versatile (whatever goes.)6 inches uncut, I appreciate smaller sizes.

They fit better, LOL! I'm a bit of a Dom though, so you either know how to deal with it or you don't. And that's pretty much it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Hope to hear from you soon guys. Peace.

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Swingers in waco tx

I am a 52yr young guy my passions r making music/LOVE/water??? (scuba diving,swimming,kayaking,and sometimes i take a bath!!!!!!)born and bred in chelsea LONDON on the KINGS RD was strutting my stuff back in the 70s/80s/90s/2000ands.

I am around beautiful women all day long in what i do for a living TONSORIAL ARTISTE BUT DONT MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE!!!!!!have a wickedly funny sense of humour and have been known in my lifetime to be romantic ?? imagine the scenario i was playing the part of romeo and was xxssed at the time when my blurred visions fell upon my julliette ( her name was Mandy really!!) and for some reason or tuther i was carrying a guitar about my person ???? so I decided it would be nice if i followed her home swinger wife sex, horny women dating and!!!!!!!TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!????? played guitar under the window of the house i thought she lived in!! the reason i thought she lived there was because someone turned the light on in a flat which i drunkenly took to be hers ?!!you can imagine my horror when a 43 yr old truck driver came down to meet me with a cup of tea and told me he wasnt doing anything the next night and could WE meet in a bar in earls court for a drink !!!!!!1 so much for romance anyway i lived with julliete for 41/2 years and her name really was mandy!!!!!anyway if any of you wish to hear me sign on to and our page is http:// the pictures on this site are me singing with another band which is called old enough to know better!!!!not looking for anything /one heavy !!just want to see what is out there and make some new friends.

dont mind being your online superhero!!!! but i wear my undies under my support tights???? and if there are any rubber fetish girlies out there you should see me in my scuba gear???/!!!!!!and if you happen to be on my space check out roughsix

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I am tasty and pleasent

I love trying new things. My friends would say I am straight forward say what I think...I like to travel, explore. I prefer the beach and warm weather. I know that the sun makes me happy, the warmth of the sun warming my skin, makes me feel great!! I enjoy reading, good wine and great company.

I work hard and don't have much spare time. But I do want to make the most of the time I have. Swingers in waco tx I like to be friends able to laugh and have a good time as well as hot and happy.

I have to be attacted to the person as well. I don' like it when someone comes on strong....and expects to drop right there when I first meet them.

....doesn't work in that manner for me. If you don't take care of yourself....or you are looking to stop drop and roll in the first 5 minutes....well....go to next person.


swingers in waco tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

im very pretty and i liike the persOn that im dating to b very pretty tOo sO i can shOw her Off im nOt only lOokinq fOr sex but im also lOokinq 4 a relatiOnshiip sumone to cuddle wiit n b ma bff...we are only allowed to have 5 convOs a day so iif i add you hiit me up that means i wanna tallk .

. AND IF YOU DNT HAVE A PICTURE UP DNT FUCKIN HIT ME UP Swingers in waco tx i want the persOn to b hot dnt hitt me up iif you kno that ya ugly cause i will not answer.

. i liike ma giirls wiith phat ass n big tittes it turns me on ..but u also have to have the face to go wiit it n i liike ma giirls smart you cant b dumb cause then i cant convo.

..NO FAT BITCHEZZZ!!!!!!...sorry thOse are not ma type that not whati want n iif you hiit me up n i dnt see a piq of ya faCe u will qet a rude respone... or i just wont answer u .


swingers in waco tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

Cool Outgoing funny Down to earth guy On my feet My got my own place and my doors are open to meeting new people i like having ,drinking nights smoking nights , Movie nights , Cooking night texas swingers, tx swinging couples YESSS i Can cook very very Good I come from the school of GrandmA kItchen lol .

. maybe one day when u get to know a person like maybe you can see what good really is all about.etc.....Looking for new friends to meet hang out enjoy life Friendly loves to enjoy her self knows how to be Funny Humorous Outgoing.

swingers in waco tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

I love to try just about anything at least once im a fun person and have a great personality, i have a kind heart and a very loving and caring person if you want to know more about me Swingers in waco tx I would like for someone to learn to love me for me, someone that can make me laugh, a good personality,

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