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Swinger wife

On my own again after a failed relationship. I am very much an outdoors person and am very active in the summer months, and in the winter I hibernate. Just kiddin. I go out dancing with my favorite band, and travel around with them.

I own a house in the Tonawanda area and live there with two terrorists. That's the term I use for my two cats. I do not have any tatoos, body piercings or facial hair. I am a very loyal, loving person who shows my partner lots of love and attention.

I am a very affectionate person and like flirting in public, but within bounds. I love to travel and have been to Australia 8 times.

I also travel around the country on motorcycle and done so 4 times in the last 4 years. If you do not have a picture here, I will ask for one after the first letter. You see me, I want to see you.

I have always dated slender and average women. Levelland swingers I enjoy motorcycle riding a lot and do a lot of it all year long. I was very involved with Sports Car Racing for over the past 30 years but am getting avay from it.

I also love to dance and follow a band around when they go to different places.

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Please Be Sexy! Cause I am!

I am a very athletic man. I love to go out with friends and have fun, whether it be in a club, camping, outdoor events, etc. I am a very smart guy, i am going to college right now to become an AeroSpace Engineer.

I just finished my first year and have a few to go. I am a successful person because i have been in the military for 6 years defending my country in direct combat. Looking for single women to have a good time with and maybe more.

I am looking for women that have a good since of humor, that are smart, sexy, will treat me with respect as i would her. Im not into s guys, so please don't message me.

You have to be smart, can take care of yourself, and is willing to start some sort of relationship down the road. Please don't be over 34 or weigh more than 150 lbs. I wont be sexually attracted, and I probably wont reply back.

Also, i like a woman that loves to try new things in bed! :-D

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get to know me :] Levelland swingers

my name is taylor. im a student and im double majoring :] i know what i want in life and i want someone to be there along with me on the journey. i love to go out to bars to dance. but i also love to be chill and just sip coffee for hours on end.

im looking for dating at the moment and if it turns into something else, wonderful. i am interested in long term tho. i am very much a sexual person when it come to that point.

i love chatting with ppl. i am a chubby girl and i love it! just hope u love it too! i love piercings and tattoos. i think they are fantastic and makes the person unique i love music.

love it. i play violin and viola. i do dislike country tho. anything else i should be fine with:] im not easy so dont ask me to meet and have sex. i would like to know the person before their dick happens to be inside of me.

so stop pushing. o and no one older then 28 please Levelland swingers im new :] if u dont have a face pic dont bother adding me and once again, no one over 28

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Hello girls

I am 34 years old and I live in Orange County. I like to work out, skate, play hockey, jog, and I just bought a bike to start a new hobby. I do not like to jump into relationships too fast. I would just like to have some fun right now.

I don't know about love at first site. I also do not look for friendship from a girl. The last thing a guy ever wants to hear from a girl is that she wants to be just friends. I would like to date right now and have some fun.

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I want to WIne and Dine and/or 69, all good fun!

I'm 23, recently graduated from College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, and have experienced a relatively great deal of success with the corporation I?'"?m currently with. I've always been somewhat of a hopeless romantic hoping for a long life of chivalry and honor, which I believe I have been able to uphold thus far.

I spent a few months in France studying the language and the culture and one of these days I hope to travel to each of the European nations with someone I can share the romance and experience with.

A couple things I believe to be most important in relationships are Mental Stimulation and Open Communication. Levelland swingers I cater to my company (YOU). If I sense that you?'"?re down to hit the town and party the night away, I?'"?ll make sure I make your night and your day! If your a hopeless romantic, much like myself, I'll start the night off will class and a taste of the top-shelf.

I'll take you to the top spots, treat you like a hot shot, star-lit dining and moon-lit shining, 1-12 roses and intimate poses, you name it, I?'"?ll game it. Ok it?'"?s time to stop the rhyme and let you know it?'"?s time, treat your self to a date so smooth and divine.

If you couldn?'"?t tell I?'"?m all about you having a good time because then I will, just love good company to be honest.

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looking for fun Levelland swingers

Work from home and have tons of free time during the day. swinger wife sex, horny women dating I could go on but if you have any questions just ask.someone who is looking for the same. Likes to have fun and can add excitement to my life.

Someone who has free time during the day. Nights are great but daytime is when I have most of my free time.

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IM NOT INTO BULLSHITTING.TOO HONEST FOR MY OWN GOOD.SO IF YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING JUST ASK.i have lived in lubbock a little over a year and i am a social retard since i quit drinking.i need companionship can ya hook a guy up.


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Swinger wife

Until recently I've been the nice, shy guy that women overlook. Then I quit my job to start my own company and decided I needed to "put myself out there" and take similar risks in my personal life as well. I'm still not the young, tall, handsome, well hung stud I see described in so many of the "about my s".

I'm just an average guy of above average intellegence whose somewhat sucessful in his professional life who'd like to have a more successful personal life to balance things a little more. And if anyone is serious about looking for someone who can make them laugh, check my photos.

I'm not that young, skinny or innocent anymore but I've always been able to make beautiful women laugh, in or out of bed.

I'm into the outdoors; hiking and the beach, especially topless beaches. I also like wine festivals and jazz and photography. I haven't done much but I'd love to do some more nude photography. That's the fetish in my profile.

Tame, I know. If you need photos for let me take them instead of taking a picture of your mirror. I'll appreciate it much more. Levelland swingers A pretty woman who'd like to go to a wine festival with me, drink a little wine, get a little buzz on and let me take photos while listening to John Klemmer or Boney James.

Then if I haven't had too much wine.....

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Are we having fun yet?

Personally: I am an active and healthy man. I like to have a good time. I want to live my life thoroughly. I work hard and I love to play hard. Love to travel and be outside. Ladies, I am looking to be a kept man.

Sexually: I am horny all the time. My favorite position? I use the whole house. Not afraid to go outside either... I love to use my hands, my lips, and my tongue. texas swingers, tx swinging couples I want to explore your body and get to know you.

I am not in a hurry in life, so our sex should reflect our moods. Sometimes long and slow, other times fast and impulsive. I am willing to try new things with certain people.

Emotionally: I am a good listener. I am open and honest. I am forthright. I am willing and eager as well. No drugs-No insanity-No dramaI am looking for a special woman.

A woman that wants me to take care of her needs. I am looking for a woman that wants a passionate lover. Someone who enjoys many different levels and types of love making. I want a woman that will enjoy my sexuality and allow me to please her.

I want a woman that is open to bringing me into her life and taking care of my needs, as I take care of hers. I am not interested in signing on to a new site in order to meet you.

If you would like to talk over the internet and figure a way to meet up, in am interested. I will give you my email and eventually my contact info. Otherwise, don't waste our time.

Serious inquiries only.

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