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Well, we're a couple. Please do not email us, for just one of us, neither one of us are into that. Sorry Granbury texas whore Hahah we're just seeing whats out there

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Looking for a friend

I'm a person that likes to have fun. I love to cuddle with someone. Don't have time for games and don't need any drama.Looking for someone who needs a buddy. Friends with benefits. NSA fun. If it goes farther than that, oh well.

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Granbury texas whore

well my boyfriend and i are looking for fun women to come and join us. we are very fun, outgoing ppl who just like a little more in a relationship. we've been together for 3 years now. love each other very much.

but we like to have fun and make new friends doing it. Granbury texas whore have to open minded and willing to come out to where we live. good sense of humor. very outgoing. likes to have fun and make new friends at it.

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Swinger wife

I am a Soldier. I finished active duty and now I am here :) I am Puerto Rican and I put my heart in everything and anything I do. So whatever I do I do it good ^.~I am a freak and I am looking to have fun with a loving, caring, freaky person.

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I am looking for someone that is local to hang out with.

I am a baseball nut. I love being on the lake and anything else that has to be done outdoors. I am a very soft hearted person I enjoy being an encouragement to others. I get the most joy out of life when I can give something to someone that helps them reach their dreams.

Granbury texas whore Im looking for someone that enjoys going to baseball games. I would like a relationship with someone that is laid back and enjoys life.

Life is to short to spend it with someone that doesnt bring you peace.

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I'm a guy, looking for a girl. Granbury texas whore

Into watching sports, movies and playing outside. Laid back, realistic and sarcastic. Like to texas swingers, tx swinging couples get my hands dirty, give massages, unbutton your clothes and kiss and lick you all over.

She has a pretty smile, beautiful eyes, and a sexy, womanly body. Has to know what she wants, and when and how she wants it. Gotta know how to laugh and enjoy life!!

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Swinger wife

I just want to meet a loving loyal girl, someone that likes to have fun not be boring or lazy. It would be nice to date and get to know each other and take it from there, hopefully into a longterm relationship. I would like to meet a person kind of set in there lives as far as there family, freinds, employment, etc, but yet looking for that someone special.

I have a stable career that is as stable as you can get these days, i like to travel, watching and playing hockey, dancing, collector cars, i love to have a quite night at home and watch movies snuggling under the blanket, that is one of my faves.

By the way if you would like to see my picture no problem just ask, i respect your privacy so please respect mine.

.. Granbury texas whore It would be nice just to meet for a coffee or a drink in general and see if there is something there for both of us, or we could go for a walk with are dogs if you have one that is, i have a cute Tibeting Terrier.

Also i dont care too much what age you are or race within reason of course. No hookers or call girls please escorts etc... Thank you...

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my msn: hylton_silveira

um -- i dont have a normal account. cause ... well, im not normal. so i cannot read your messages, or view your profiles. feel free to chat to me on msn My name is Hylton ... AND IF YOU FUCK WITH ME, I'LL FUCK WITH YOU TEN TIMES HARDER I AM FUCKIN WEIRD.

GET OVER IT. I always have stories to tell because i have the WORST of luck SOMETIMES I TYPE IN CAPS BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I NORMALLY TALK.. I YELL! I have a mean streak that runs through my veins, so dont with me I am ellergick too stoopit peepole.

I have a fantastic family. Im an asshole, and not afraid to admit it. If you call me a an asshole, please refer to me as Mr. Asshole. And Im asking you nicely-which might be the only time Ill be pleasant to your liking.

I half ass everything, but its perceived as hard-working cuz Im good at everything that I do. I see dead people. Im always right, so get used to it. I dont trust people.

I trust a total of three people in my life, They know who they are. Everyone writes on the walls BUT me.. yeah right, I make history wherever I go, and you heard it from me first. I own my own body, but I share.

No... not really. I take a lot of pictures. Get over it or get out of the pictures I sexually harass dorks in the corners of libraries. Please dont form a line. Im cocky. Not really.

People just tell me that. HI ADUMB! Im a pervert when I want to be. Accept it. I like to pretend Im invisible so I can laugh in your face. I'm easily irritated by little things which in turn gets me angry.

Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind. Stay away when i'm angry if you don't want your feelings hurt . silence is one of the most effective forms of communication, so SHUT UP and listen to ME.

Granbury texas whore I have Loved... Lost... and Learned. The three things that every soul should feel. So now I am going to learn from my previous mistakes.

Nice girls, nice guys -- enough said.

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Fun is all in how you work it.....

Ok, so I'm a soldier. So if you don't like that, then don't talk to me. I like to go out and drink, have a good time. But I also like to swinger wife sex, horny women dating stay home and veg. infront of the T.

V. I have 9 tattoos, a Harley, and a truck. i also love to take my truck off road any where i looking for some one to have fun with in and out side of the bedroom. some one who likes to ride on a Harley and isn't scared of speed once in a while.

i'm looking for some one i can relate to, and just have some plain old fun with. so if your interested then drop me a line and we can see where it leads.

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Swinger wife

Well I will keep it short, I believe in communication what ever happens, happens. If my profile offends you Im sorry. I want you to know that I dont believe in wasting peoples time.Im very interested in enjoying life to the fullest.

If I meet my soul mate great and if I dont i learn something new or make a friend. Granbury texas whore It doesnt have to be a but If it turns out that way oh well,lets be adult about it everyone could use another friend.

I believe in always paying for dinner and entertainment, all I ask is to be entertained by my company . PEACE code(4048398645)

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