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Sugar Daddy60

Single,semi-retired executive living the good life on sunny Hilton Head Island. Enjoy running,working out,movies,traveling and just lounging aroung in my jacuzzi/pool.I'll keep you laughing and satisfied intellectually and physically.

..promise. Canyon tx swinger Looking for a young beauty that desires a mature man that can keep up with her.

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Swinger wife

I like to kick it watch movies and have a good time. I like to cook, IM NOT , but I have to eat (even though it looks like I dont I can DEFINETLY EAT).She has to be interesting and know how to atleast hold a conversation.

Outgoing is a must, Know how to party but also know how to chill and hang out.

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Canyon tx swinger

Im a man who has a good head on his shoulder, like to read, but also have fun, and willing to try alomost anythig once. loves to have sex, and try to live live to the fullest snice we do only live once Canyon tx swinger the only thing i ask is that we are on the same page

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Show up

I am a very BBW woman (Botticelli, Titan, and Rubens would have loved me) with a big ass, belly, and breasts just because I am not your type doesn't mean I won't turn you on. If you like that email me and let's see where it goes.

Into light bondage,DIRTY talk, toys, dress up. (Not into watersports and I don't mean swimming). I love to give massages and to receive them I love to give oral sex, but I don't like to have my hair pulled it's not enjoyable; But most of all plain old fashion screwing.

I am open minded woman who enjoys the feel of a man on her, licking her and in her. I enjoy pleasing a man and watching the pleasure I can give to him .

I enjoy watching porn, in fact I love it, I enjoy going to fairvilla and picking out new toys, porn, or whatever. Tell me what you like I may like it as well.

Tell me if you like corsets or costumes it can be arranged. Age doesn't matter as long as you are over 18. You can see me so it's only fair that I can see you, please have a photo even if it's just a head shot, I am sure your cock is lovely but I would also like to see your face.

I have traveled all over in the world and I do mean all over the world, and I fell in love with Holland. The people are open and friendly and not judgemental it's a lovely place where you can live out your sexual dreams.

Anyone want to go with me? If you would please at least fill out the status part of the profile that would be nice. Please try to understand that I want to get to know you alittle bit before we meet and that means I am going to ask you some questions.

I don't want to marry you I just want to know your preferences before we meet. I don't need nor want your money I make my own, my job is very demanding but very rewarding.

If you are out of the state please don't bother. P.S. I am not going to just invite you to my house after you email me once and say let's do it, come on that would be very stupid on my part.

DON'T LIE I DIDN'T.This is what I want we talk on this site a couple of times and then maybe we move off the site and talk a little more and then I ask if you would like to meet or you ask if I would like to meet.

When we meet don't expect anything one way or the other. It's just to see if we have chemistry. We meet and then if there is chemistry we get together, what I want is a buddy someone I can call up and say hey do you want to screw ? Someone who calls me up and says hey let's screw .

I not looking for a one night stand. I want sex with you on and off through out the year. How difficult is this? Look I am real. P.S. I don't have a cam.

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the most addicting thing will always be passion

eh pretty chil person love surfing bonfires photography MMA. thats like the UFC (14-3) party hang paintball anything else feel free to ask just be real and honest For the ladies: all princes start as frog all gentalmen as dogs just wait what its plane to see what we are growin up to be cuz some dogs will still be dogs and some frogs will still be frogs but some boys could be come men just dont kiss us till then.

... where is your boy tonite i hope he is a gentalmen I'm addicted to your punishments And I'm your master, and I am craving this disaster Canyon tx swinger a girl how grows wild and unruly yet beautiful she knows i have her back and i know she has mine.

some one to rock out with and then go home and watch stars die a girl who can finish my thoughts and though we may fight now and again we always go to bed more in love then when we woke up and has to be able to laugh at herself as much as she laughs at me cause God knows i do alot of stupid stuff

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Canyon tx swinger

I'm the one mother told you about ! One of a kind trust me ! Easy to get along with ! Funny, fun, kinky, I'm no pervert, or twisted, I enjoy life & up for doing pretty much anything with you ! Or just staying at home with you watching a movie or playing with the children & you ! I'm looking for fun & maybe more ! I'm 47 but 17 in heart & performance I'm no man child either ! Be real with me as I'm with you, rock with me & you won't be sorry promise you that & there is no old man here ! Also looking for texas swingers, tx swinging couples the real deal a life together, children all of it, take the chance ! I promise I clean up real nice when you need me to I'm not a slob ! lol I'm also paper trained too ! lol Please no control freaks, or try to change me, I'm OK with me as I am ! Also I need you to tell me what is going on I'm no mind reader & that goes for sex too tell me what you like & don't like OK ! I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU LOOK AT ME BUT SAY NOTHING ? I REALLY AM LOOKING FOR YOU BUT YOU DON'T TALK TO ME SO HOW DO WE CONECT MY LADY ?Where are you my love do I search this earth in vein ? I walk this earth in the night searching for you everywhere yet still I walk alone ! My heart cries out for you but only to fall on deaf ears ! Looking for a special playmate, latex & Leather clothing, kinky or willing to learn & I love a nice ass on a woman too ! like beautiful woman the whole package inside matters just as much to me too ! Can you handle it I don't think so I have a big sexual appetite so I hope you can keep up with me ! I'm looking for real no bull OK.

I keep sending messages to you & get nothing back what's up with that ? Look I'm real, I don't lie, never have cheated or hit a woman & never will ! Unless it is to spank or along those lines & that is between us ! I'm a good man & can take care of myself learned early how to keep my self & things clean ! Also I'm no sugar daddy I expect you to do your part too & I always put 100% of myself into the relationship ! I'm a good catch & have never had a woman leave because of the sex either ! lol I'm looking for a younger woman because I want children & because I like having the energy of them in the bed room & everywhere else ! Not looking for someone to take care of the old man either, except like any normal relationship ! I still have 1,000.

00 years of life to go so lets enjoy it to the fullest OK ! Age is but a number, & love is forever anything else just ask me don't be afraid I'm just a big teddy bear ! Also please no web cam strippers, or asking for money I don't do that, I've better things to do with my time & money like taking care of those I love ! Also those surprises I love to get for you to say thanks for being you ! I'm not stupid by any means either, so keep on looking if you don't like what you see your loss believe me ! Also someone to help teach me things too I don't know everything & I'm not always right !

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Looking to have fun and make a few people smile

I work alot but when I play I play for keeps..... It needs to be fun or on to the next chalange... Canyon tx swinger I am not looking for long term... But I am not looking for the one nite..... I like to make them smile over and over again.


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san diego surf bum stuck in az

i am 5' 11" and 160lbs i work out three times a week so i stay in shape i have blue green eyes and brown hair i like the outdoors but dont get out enough iam going to school to further my education if you want to now any more let me now Canyon tx swinger iam looking for someone to write to and let it grow from there iam tired of getting hurt in relationships just looking for someone that is real no bull oh and i like tall dark hair and light colored eyes

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i still love it all kinds of sex

I am 54 6'3", 225lbs, blue eyes, silver hair. I am not hard to look at, some say. I love any type of sex one two as long as there swinger wife sex, horny women dating are no hang ups, anything goes we me.

I am 47 5'3 plus size blonde. We both are sexually curious. Both are very oral and anal.We would like to meet another couple who are interested in the same things...

canyon tx swinger, view photo.

hot and beautiful

love to have fun and be spontanious, fun loving guy, .... pretty down to earth......... looking to meet new people and offer alot more. someone with goals........ Canyon tx swinger some one coo, no drama please.


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