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im not ur every day girl im more like one of the guys i want to get into boxing again i did alittle with my brothers along time ago i live with mu uncle right now till i get my own place which i hope is soon i dont have a car but i hope i will have one soon as well as my own place i dont have a job at this moment but im looking money means nothing to me not now not ever it just helps i have done good for myself this far im veary indapendent but i like to know there is a man in my life someone to cuddle with and go out with you know and NOT IN THE MILITARY AT ALL cuz i know to many ppl in the milatry sorry i just cant have anymore military in my life at all im crazzy i like to do stupid that gets me hurt pain is 100% on my side i like to watch moves all kinds and some times a romatic one a guy that can do that is good in my book i have been called a nifo but i like to have all the i need have done before i have fun and most of my friends r guys and exs or guy i have had past s with and if thats a problem dont bother talking to me for real im also alittle on the dark side of life but i still have fath just church not my thing and there r more freaky about me and if u want to know ask but im going to tell u ppl get freaked out so if u have a problem with anything that is me bye and im veary blunt so say what u want but it might come back in ur face and i will LMAO just to let u know im not to nice Yoakum texas girls nude well idk what im looking for anymore so ya i guess just to see were things go not just a hook tho take time then ya will see

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How did I wake up here?

Well for starters, my names Brandon. I'm 19 and I'm very athletic...I snowboard, surf, ride motocross, run, swim. All the fun stuff. I'm laid back and I just like hanging out with my friends and having a good time.

Depends, I like girls with attitudes and that can handle themselves. Self confidence is a must. I'm really not picky when it comes to say hair color or any of that.... I'm not really looking for a serious relationship.

.. but at the same time I'm not looking for just a one night stand. If I left anything out, just ask.

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a homey, lover, friend Yoakum texas girls nude

im the one your mom told you about whether it was he is a dogg or he is the one thats me but no mistake in real Yoakum texas girls nude the one to talk to to have wonderful sex with and to be there to ride or die.

Its alot im looking for but i need you to just be that not have me tell you so you can try to be what i want. Be yourself if we hit it off good if not still good

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...BUT OTHER THAN THAT I'M A NICE PERSON AS LONG AS U STAY ON MY GOOD SIDE! DUECESI'm a real woman and i'm not on here 4 no 1 night stands.Or no "buddies", friends yes(not with benfits, unless i c fit lol).

but umm yea i'm just tryin to pass time and meet friends and if anything bcums more than so be it! 2 fingers!

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Swinger wife

I am bi-sexual with interest in females more so than males. I currently have a "kinda sorta, but not really" who is a guy that I am crazy in love with but, after almost 2 yrs of being together we started having trouble seeing eye to eye so we are feeling things out at the moment.

Aside from that I am very laid back, I love love love to laugh. ItÁ?◊'É◊"?s true I'm very goofy but thatÁ?◊'É◊"?s whatÁ?◊'É◊"?s best about me.

I am not a girly girl but still very fem and thatÁ?◊'É◊"?s what I am into. Yoakum texas girls nude Looking for a female counter part. A partner in crime. Someone also fem but not overly girly. I prefer slim and stylish.

Sexy and sure of it.

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open minded fun Yoakum texas girls nude

born in Rhode Island.have lived an worked in-New York City-Fla-Burbank an Sandigeo,Claif.Now back in Rhode Island. I am divorced,I have one swinger wife sex, horny women dating daughter,she's not at home.

I enjoy Camping nude and being nude at home .Day and weekend trips,Dining out,Dancing,People who are open mindedsexual relations,and online flirting, and other.

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I am a redhead!

My names Ashley! I am here just looking for fun not nethang like lets get married or nethang i am bi an just looken for somebody to have fun with.. Yoakum texas girls nude No old ppl no fat ppl an definetly no ugly ppl.


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Got Brain?

I'm a hard working, self-motivated person who enjoys the more simple things life has to offer. I enjoy the beauty of a female body and love to show off my big thick dong. I like sex. hard & fast or slow and passionate.

i'm all about it. And i have been told i'm real good with my tongue. you be the judge. Hawlla Yoakum texas girls nude I'm looking for 3 B's but will settle for 2. Brains, Body and Beauty.

The 1st is a definate

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Only the most beautiful Women in the World, can make me cum...

Eventually, I'll want to find someone compatible that I can love for the rest of my life... I'm a military person, I love women in general, how they converse, I enjoy many of their personalities, and I would rather sit down with a group of gals and talk about a book, than spit tobacco at a football game with a bunch of dudes.

.. I'm into women; most importantly? It's so I can be more wise when it comes to giving my life long mate joy beyond measure, happiness that is amazing, and a life that is texas swingers, tx swinging couples fulfilled.

However, I've seen too many "girlfriends" abused by their husbands (douche bags), I've pleased a few or more of them after relinquishing my own religious vows and to be honest? Right now? I've been "goodie two shoes" for too damned long, and I have a New Year's resolution to please at least 100 women's "nether regions" during a year's period of time before I get married.

Get me started, and no lies (well, except one, I hope to "do" only one... and that would be my dreamy gal).

The perfect would entail our meeting at some random place, us giving each other the eye, our both perceiving it, acting on it and then chatting for a bit. Once we both grasped each others' attraction? We'd proceed to a restaurant, fill our gullets for the oncoming 8 hours of sex that would proceed.

.. 8 hours of sex!!! you say? Well, a mixture of body massage, foreplay, fellatio, cunnilingus, mutual masturbation, and coitus makes time fly real fast! Then the conversations in between sessions, and the multiple occurrences of things similar, but even more robust? is awesome! I think of that as experience that either pleases the person I'd marry someday, or would increase my ability to please her.

.. believe me, I don't want to marry some religious prude that thinks sex is dirty! Sex is beautiful! and should be shared with gratitude, experience, and a desire to please the other.

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Swinger wife

I'm very down to earth and can talk to you about anything. I'm easy to get along with. I work at UPS and I've been there 13 years, hours are very demanding for me but I will find time for you. I like going to the movies or staying home watching a movie is fine for me.

I'm a very affectionate person. Yoakum texas girls nude My should enjoy having a good time. Be open minded and a good imagination, I like to play around and have fun.

What I'm Looking For: is she have to be easy to get along with, , and straight foward. respectful, loving, and giving.

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