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A stand-up laid back guy looking for a stand-up laid back female.

I own my own graphics and web design company. I enjoy spending my free time relaxing and enjoying life. I have a 2 year old daughter who lives in Colorado and if I wanted to play games I would play them with her.

I don't play games and hate for someone to try to play them with me. I keep it real and enjoys someone who does the same. I am a stand-up guy who is laid back and down to try anything once or twice. I am a real dude who means what I say and say what I mean and my actions speak for me.

Vidor swingers 100% real 100% of the time! I am looking for a female who is real not only to me but also to herself. A female who can be a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets.

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Swinger wife

Im cool laid back guy who is very ambitious, and has a good sense of humor. Mostly Im here to find a nice lady friend who would love to hang out sometimes or chat with. I love to please it really turns me on when I see a woman get off, but enough with all that get at me if you wanna have some fun.

Someone who is openminded, understanding and down to earth. NO CAM GIRLS PLEASE THAT SHIT IS SO LAME!!!! Jus want real interested females.

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REAL playful hot couple needs YOU! **UPDATE** READ BELOW Vidor swingers

We are a VERY passionate, sensual, and romantic couple who are responsible and respectful- although we do have a wild side, and are not afraid to show it!We are a FULL swap couple and prefer full swap, but with the right couple, might also dabble in soft swap.

We are soulmates to the end and very much in love. Pass us by and you just might miss the time of a lifetime. Friendships are also a very welcome plus.

We are a happily married couple (11 years- 13 years together) who use the lifestyle as an outlet for stimulating our sex lives. Admittedly, this is a long profile, but if you take the time to read it, you will learn a great deal about us and what we're looking for.

This will save us all a lot of time in the long run-SO PLEASE READ IT. We are not hardcore swingers- but we certainly are not newbies. We tried some clubs closer to home- and are not against the group thing, but prefer the 3 or 4-some much more.

We approach the lifestyle as a sexual vacation. It's not something we do every day (or weekend for that matter as we hav 2 children, but we keep returning to it the same way you keep going back to that favorite vacation spot where you always had a good time and rekindle the friendships you made over the years.

Our primary goal is to establish a friendship with a couple that shares our values (socially and sexually). After we've established a social rapport, we'll explore the sexual aspects. We are interested in friendships first although a sex only relationship is kinda erotic! Our objective is to strike a harmony with both friends and sex.

We'd describe ourselves as your normal couple, but not narrow-minded. We have a curious side (doesn't everyone); She is DEFINATELY Bi- He is DEFINATELY straight.

We're sexually outgoing and prefer group play (both couples - same room). Our limitations are anything you can do within the confines of sexual enjoyment that does not constitute pain or wierd gross stuff.

We are both sugically safe, and D/D free. Condoms are used if requested, and we certainly adhere to safe sex. A little bit about us; Rich works for a surgical company based in CA, and Wendy is a lucky stay at home mom!!! We live about 25 minutes North of Milwaukee.

Our house is not huge- (1500 sq. feet) but it is home, and we own it- after all, how much can you really do on one income these days, even if it is a good job.

But we are proud of what we have, and if you are the kind of people who like to brag about how much money you have or your 3 houses in the tropics, we are not for you.

We accept people for who they are, not what they have. We have a fully stocked bar and "entertaining room" in our basement where we can go for secluded fun if need be. We're considered attractive by conventional standards, but we're not vain enough to say so ourselves.

While not models, we're both easy on the eyes and reasonably height/weight proportionate (yeah, we could probably exercise more- and we both have some weight to lose, but we are NOT huge by any means.

). The best way to describe us is to say we're built more for comfort rather than speed). We don't smoke, but don't discriminate against those that do.

We don't allow smoking in our home (outside is OK), but other than that we don't have a problem with it. Neither of us drink very much, but we do enjoy wine with good food and we keep a stocked bar for entertaining.

We go to bars to socialize more than to drink. We are a pretty good balance of liberal and conservative. We are open-minded socially and sexually. We consider ourselves non-judgmental, but we have discriminating tastes (is that a dichotomy?).

We are not judgemental, and are open to meeting women and couples of all races, creeds, and religions. Our conservative side is probably reflected in our work ethic values.

We think you don't get anything for nothing. You get what you pay/work for. We've met many couples so far with varying results. Our best experiences have been when we met and got to know each other for a while, then jumped right into sex! LOL.

If you're looking to get naked at our first meeting, we are certainly open to that, although it is not a given (we certainly would like it though!! After all- we have overactive sex drives.

..LOL). However, we have waited til the second meeting as well ;)(and were glad we did in those cases). We have a good sense of humor and would be considered very sociable.

We like to go out with other couples and females and let it all hang out (well not literally if its in a public place! lol) One of our primary goals is to find a couple (or two or three or four) to attend concerts, plays, museum exhibits and various other cultural events (some not so cultural too).

We're not highbrow and we have a wide spectrum of interests. Eventually we'd like to find a compatible couple for some short trips (weekends to start). We dislike obnoxious fall down drunk party animals, but still enjoy a good time (and certainly appreciate a woman with a good buzz stripping on our bar!).

We're not athletes or fitness nuts, but we're not couch potatoes either. We are well groomed and while we're not fashion plates or GQ material, we don't go for the grunge or Goth look.

The bottom line: We are a cultured convivial couple with a myriad of interests who wants to meet another couple for socializing and exploring erotic adventures. We are looking for a couple whose idea of a fun night would be to share a social experience (concert, play, bowling, dinner and a movie) and then top the night off with a sensual one (group play).

If you don't look like a model, that's OK, but we draw the line at folks who don't practice good hygiene and grooming. We are your normal average couple, and expect at least that in our play partners.

We're open to trying almost anything as long as everyone is comfortable and we keep respect as our guiding principle. Our favorite is group play where we swap, and everyone gets a chance to be the center of attention as well.

We'd expect to have a serious and candid discussion about our mutual expectations and limits before we proceed to that level.

We think the conversation would be stimulating and provide a sense of assurance we will all get what we want. You should be squeaky-clean hygienically. We prefer a couple that is geographically close to us (within 100 miles.

) and near our age (sorry no one over 50-that would be like sex with our parents...yeeeech!!!) We hope this is enough to entice you to contact us. While we're flattered to get "winks" or one word intro's(we get a lot of them), we don't reply to them.

We only reply to responses that go into detail about who you are and what you want (you don't have to be as detailed as this profile, but if you only write a couple of words telling us you liked our profile- you probably won't hear back from us - unless of course you look like fitness models)LOL We not interested in being in anyone's network or cyber sex of any kind.

Right now we are looking for the real deal. Skin on skin- is that too forward??? We are only looking for couples and single females. Single males are automatically filtered out and never reach our inbox.

It always amuses us that single guys cannot read and think that if they email us they will be the "one" that breaks down that rule and makes us just gotta get together with them.

NOT!!! There are more than enough single horny men out there, and if we need one we will find one for ourselves- we think we should have no trouble in that dept. If you care to send us your photos; X or G-rated is fine with us as long as it is a facial shot.

Replies without photos get read last (if at all). Please take a moment to send a thoughtful note about yourselves and what you are looking for and we'll guarantee a response (even if it is to say no thanks).

We've taken the time to write a comprehensive profile and fill out the topics section, if you're really interested, we expect you to do the same.

We have found that requesting a detailed response cuts down on the phonies and imposters that seem to permeate this site. Real people are willing to expend the effort to meet. Our usual modus operandi is to meet for drinks and spend some no pressure time getting to know each other with no expectations except to break the ice.

Then hopefully we can all agree if we want to take it somewhere else for adult fun and frolic, or if we should go our separate ways. If this interests you, let's get in contact and we can take this to the next level.

Thanks for taking the time to read our profile. Vidor swingers Couples and females for great friendships and wild times. The woman need not be bi, but it is certainly a plus.

We are looking for REAL people, not pic collectors or people not willing to get together. We will NOT endlessly email, or send pics without receiving them in return. If you are not sure you want to be in the lifestyle, or are just "hoping" your significant other will go along with it, we are not the couple to contact.

We are a truly sensual, passionate couple who like to share each other with other attractive, and sensual people. She is very bi, so ladies, prepare yourselves if that is what you enjoy! We are a full swap couple, and WILL NOT swing separately.

If you are looking for a fun, erotic, for real couple who is very attractive, and willing to fulfill your fantasies, you have found them.


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Swinger wife

Yo wats up my name is Jaylan and i am 22 years old. I live in Jacksonville by Baymeadows Road on tha southside of course. Im looking for someone who isn't afraid to be them self and who wants to show thier wild side.

I also like females who seem shy but wild in the bedroom. I love to eat pussy thats not a must but i intend to before i have sex, so if you not down then you know what to do. I love a female who is good at what she does and who loves to please thier man.

So if you think you can handle me then hit me up asap, im waiting.....LOOKIN FOR A FREAK AND SOMWONE THAT IS SWEET AT THE SAME TIME AND ALSO SOMEONE THAT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES.


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Swinger wife

Curious about this site, bored at work so something to do. right now I'm in the process of getting a bachelors degree, then joining law enforcement. I love cars, snowboarding, motorcycles. I'm planning to get a tattoo down my ribs pretty soon, AND MAYBE a full sleeve.

.. Vidor swingers someone who is hot, piercings, tattoos, and is down to earth.

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Vidor swingers

Very athletic, enjoy spending time with swinger wife sex, horny women dating beautiful woman. I'm very spontaneous.Must be athletic, or willing to try new things.

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Swinger wife

we are a happily married couple who are looking to spice up our sex .we just want to play no strings just have fun . we both work so we would have to plan so that we are both off because we play together. we are new to this and are a little bicurious.

i am 52 years old my wife is 41 . Vidor swingers we just want to have fun . women ,men , and other couples . i will be posting pictures as soon as i can .

we can host at our home are come to you if close

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Swinger wife

my name is james. i am using my dads site while he is away as he asked me to manage his account for a while i am 42, seperated and looking for someone that can jumpstart me. thanks. live in nj and commute to ranch in nevada, looking for my cowgirl to join me.

CALL . I am paraplegic DUE TO AUTO ACCIDENTand seek company of woman.I am jimmacb widowed at ya.i would like smart business woman to help me run ranch/resort in Nevada there is bar,resturant and motel rooms in mountains.

My wife of 40 years died several years ago .I have 2 sons with families.i am in need of aide,companion and wife. Vidor swingers NEED ATRACTIVE WOMEN TO WORK THERE AT RANCH/RESORT IN NEVADA MOUNTAINS 200MILES NORTH OF LAS VEGAS potential good business for ambicious women.


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Sometimes Jim...Sometimes Jamie

Male to female CD from DE USA. Not interested at all in swinger wife sex, horny women dating men!!! Women only. Maybe a couple....not sure yet.Looking to have fun with women or maybe a couple that don't mind my fetish.

It's been a long road to this point and now I just want to have some fun!!

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Iam looking forward in making friends

Iam Larry Jones, iam funny when i want to be, iam cool to get to no, iam young black and Vidor swingers iam Looking for women that want to be friends or more.

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