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I do not subscribe to this anymore but contact me on a, i , m. scooter061404 or the space url is /ssurface Looking for some fun women to have lots of fun with! I like to go out and have a few drinks and see what happens! I have a few ideas i'd like to try out while i'm still young and look good! lol.

So contact me if you look good and up for a little fun! Texas swinger Just explore what is out there and have fun.

I am pretty big i've been told down there. love to eat pussy (if your clean). have a few ideas of some hott things but just want to have fun and play!!!

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Swinger wife

Empty nester my two kids are grown and out with stable families of their own. I have been single for the last 20 years. Not a bad guy just like the freedom.I am just a horney old goat, looking for a woman who loves sex as much as I do.

No strings, no games, no baggage. I am living and working in Susanville CA right now.

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Texas swinger

Well i don't really know what to say but i aint in for no drama no lying ass females.If u holla @ me u better be 100% real. Texas swinger Im really on here lookin for a female that is jus as good as me wen it cums to eatin pussy so if thats u holla

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wild kinky girl that wants to please her man

im an 25 year old cowboy thats works all the time and love to be in the outdoors im single not really ready for something long term if it happens it dose i aint going to stop it but not looking for it just looking to have alil fun i just havent been with all that many girls cause i didnt want to be but what the hell i want to have fun try new things and yeah u knowa wild sexy fun lovin girl who want to have just as much fun as i do and that can keep up with my hi sex drive lol and loves to be please and knows how to please a man right

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I'm just bored so siging up is giving me something to do. MSSGE ME!

Well about me.... hmm... I'm ELO and ummm... I'm pretty much a big deal!! Music production is what I do and partying is what I am. Work hard, Play harder. And for anyone else out there.... Call me! :p Texas swinger I'm lookin' for blind, deaf and mute girls who are barely legal for sexual favors that involve animals :D hahahaha just kidding, I'm just here to chat mostly and meet new peeps.

holler. - Elo

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lokking for an unbelievable time with someone special Texas swinger

Contact me at outlawcustoms99 at , my time on here is up. Starting over looking to meet new people. I want someone that will treat me how they would like to be treated. I am always up for a good time and can make any situation fun.

Whether it's taking my dog to the park, going to the beach with my girl or sitting swinger wife sex, horny women dating in cuddling watching a movie, or going out to the bar and having a great time that we probably wont remember.

As long as the right person is with me i can have a great time doing anything. I'll tell you whatever you want to no send me a message.

Send me a message and I'll fill you in on anything you want to know.Must be sexy as all hell and confident in herself. Open minded and willing to try new things. A beautiful smile is a plus cause I love to make someone special happy.

The less drama you bring the better I've had enough of that in the past. Meeting someone that is true and trustworthy would be nice too.

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Swinger wife

I am looking for that somone special. Your thinking ya right online what a goof well ya I am. But with my lifestyle I stay pretty busy and I only get out to scope real gals once in a blue moon so take the online theory or leave it.

I am hoping it might work, hit me up and we shall see. Texas swinger Who Me? You wanna know more about me well here is the low down I am a very drivin person. I see my goals and go for them, and so far I have strived through thick and thin to get what I have and for some reason I have not had to screw anyone along the way.

Thats just me I am a one of a kind person who loves to work hard and push myself to be better. I have no problem on doing the work I do and I work long hours and yes I am away for long times 3 weeks on 3 off to be exact.

This is the work that I love and I might as well do it when I am young. So Just a heads up work is fun as long as its not back breaking. I would love a girl with a little ALPHA in her but at the same time you gotta be able to mold a little into a softy 100% Alpha is not always a great thing.

I am a Leo and there are always 2 sides to a Leo the first is the loving and gental protector the second is the bold and very proud side. That is what the Horiscopes say I don't know but I like what they always say about Leos.

They are impowering. So here is the deal I like were I am going in life and would love somone " Just Friends or more" to share it with.

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Swinger wife

hey everyone i am up for anything. sex, flirt, fetish, you name it anything Texas swinger be creative, i will not say no!

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Swinger wife

Conservative girls need not apply. I have dated the housewife type. The girl that won't toe any lines, nor will excite me sexually. I am the conservative side, need that freak side. texas swingers, tx swinging couples Tight clothes, tight bod, and the lips that need to treated for the naughty things they have said and done.

Cum on girls, let's talk. Kickboxer instructor, looking for a partner....That lady that will bring out my freak side, and my erotic side. It's in there and ready to be unleashed

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The Idea of Women.

Ex-model, ex-lawyer, still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Worked for the U.S Attorney's office. Not cop. On call for Law Enforcement agencies. Trying to get out and do something I like.

I don't know what that is yet. I know this is Not it. It used to be but enough is enough. Texas swinger The feel of women. I cannot get enough. Cuddling, holding hands, making love, banging hard, holding, spanking, whatever you need.

.. My answer is yes.. Yes the picture is me. I get off watching females satisfy a fantasy they thought would be impossible. Not an Ego thing but I have found good females have to completely trust you before they even express what their fantasies are much less let you be in on accomplishing them.

Most women seem to be coming from (-) negative numbers when it comes to trust & I feel completely honored to be the one when they give an entire gender another chance at the trust thing.

If you don't feel like you are "damaged goods" beyond repair, or that you have gone through something you fell "no one else had ever gone through" when it comes to betrayal I probably can't help you.

And No I am not looking for the weak or injured to "single them out" to "take advantage of them" because it always works out completely opposite of that. I still say "WORTH IT." Sometimes even the hottest are broken and damaged.

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