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im strictly looking for one time s, and fun girls to talk to. i dont want a relationship at all. any girl or girls who's looking to have a good time together, who's adventurous, has an open mind, or is just plain horny.

no judgment here. im just looking for girls who think like i do and like to get laid. Texas friends swingers i dont use credit cards so I CANT CHECK THE MAIL I GET ON THIS SITE so contact me at

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wanna play? ;-)

I'm on a free dating site, which has much more info about me, if you like my pics then go to okcupid and search the site for mrgenky (you'll need to sign up for a free account to search)... Afraid i'm only gonna be on for a month, just wanted to see how a paysite compared to the free ones.

Also i'm not gonna be responding to people outside the UK and even then they'd have to live relatively near me, sorry.

I'm looking for a new sex-buddy, although i'm happy to place more emphasis on friendship than sex if it turns out we get on well, could always do with a new friend... I'm into most things and can be real kinky if it's called for! ;-) lol I guess i'm best described as an assertive sub, if you wanna be in charge that works for me or if you'd prefer to be told what to do i guess it'd depend on what type of girl you wanna be, just remember that good girls get rewarded while bad girls get punished.

.. I'm primarily looking for cute girls to play with but if you're a pretty boy then thats do-able too.


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Nefariously Urbane... Texas friends swingers

I'm a highly adventurous guy who gave up corporate life in 2005 to start a career in the adult entertainment industry. I launched a company that presently owns 11 websites, with more to come. My main site's www invictusstudiosltd com I'm currently in Erie, PA, but am an avid world traveler, and have the freedom to live wherever I choose.

Texas friends swingers I'm into highly intelligent career professional females who are adventurous, creative & socially savvy, yet crave a man who knows just how to bring out their wanton side.


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I'm the kind of girl u can bring home to your family. A best friend when needed. And the best of all I will rock your world in bed, but don't be decieved I can get what I want and send u packin.NOT LOOKING FOR SOMEONE OVER 30.

ITS JUST WRONG. I'M NOT INTO A SUGARDADDY. I couldn't live with myself if I did. Either then that its up to u if u can keep me interested.

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Swinger wife

hi first off i would like to say that i am looking for a relationship not a as u call it. i enjoy the beach,concerts,bbqs,dinner,playing pool,fishing and metal music so if interested let me know.. Texas friends swingers some one honest and sincere that i can get along with and just have a great time together.


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Texas friends swingers

Hey I'm just trying to broaden my Horizon and experiment with all the earthly pleasures I suppose......I'm a follower of kamasutra and know a million and one swinger wife sex, horny women dating positions...but I'm a gentlemen at heart and feel that woman should be treated with the upmost respect.

...I'm adventurous and down to try anything newhas to be kind and willing to try new things...a good sense of humor is a huge plus.

...I wanna find someone who can teach me something new...I have yet to find a girl who can show me something I don't already know or tried

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Young and looking for fun!!! (I'M BACK!)

Hey there.. if you are looking for something new.. well here I am. I'm 28, 5'8, 165 and in good shape. I do have many facial pics if you want to see them. Texas friends swingers Age, height, weight, race, marital status, religion, none of that matters.

. just your willingness to explore.. and have lots of fun.

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Look I'm no pervert, but I like women from the age of 25 up to 38. I like girls who have big breast and are of the no hold barred type. I might be going on 45 but I've kept in shape so don't worry I can keep pace.

I'm also crazy about long hair and has big as I am, I love petite women. But I won't turn my back on a six footer if shes proportioned. Texas friends swingers Hey, it liked I said above "no hold barred".

By the way I've tried to edit my pictures on here but the system won't take them, hey!it ain't ny fault. I've written to and no answer has of yet.

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I Brake For Vaginas.

I am pretty much a freaky, nasty, perv. I have a huge panty fetish, i like teens, older women, dark skinned ladies, and skinny white girls. Any female swinger wife sex, horny women dating with a hot pussy that wants to cum is my desire.

I have 2 hot sisters, i was married to a black woman, and i like spying and sleeping girls, too.I want women to get off with online or the phone. I want to hear you cum, and i will cum hard just for you.

my dick is 7 solid inches, and i love licking & sucking pussy. I love kinky role play, and fantasize about my sisters, especially my little one. I want to be your big brother, daddy, teacher, uncle, cousin, doctor, etc.

Love to talk dirty, and ask alot of personal questions. Panties will be a constant issue, i want to use your panties for my enjoyment. Smell, lick, rub, your warm dirty panties often.

Let me worship your young pussy, feed me your pussy cum.

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Holler at me and find out

I'm an outgoing guy whose starting college all over again in the fall, on my own in LA, anxious to meet new people and to see what the world gives me. I love to please and love the chase. Texas friends swingers I'm here to meet some folks and see what comes up

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