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Swinger wife

Been told I'm VERY satisfying... and from the reactions I can pretty much confirm its not just lip service. So... I havent even looked around the site yet- so I dont know what I should write here- but I'm pretty open sexually.

I'm VERY oral and I like women who are as well. I dont like the word "no" in bed- its a show stopper. I like to spank, pull hair, nibble or bite. I dont like to be bitten and I dont have hair long enough to pull.

Not crazy about being spanked but if you must. I'm big enough to make you cum, several times if youre the type- but not big enough to kill you. A grower- not a show-er.

I'll come back and write more if I think of something else or hey- just ask. Oh, this is important- I HATE using condoms- though I will for safety reasons of course- but even though they desensitize and you last longer- I'm not feeling it so I'm not having fun anymore.

.. Ideally I want to go bareback- and I know- no one here is looking for a relationship- neither am I- but whoever you are- you better just be clean and know I am too.

Ideally a steady thing can develop trust and I can take my cover off. I have NO PROBLEM getting tested for anyone who I want- take into account that may be a solution too.

Just looking to have the best experience possible- and not risk my life doing it. So there you go. ALSO: If you only have one picture up- thats fine- but I'm going to ask you for more.

If you have NO PICTURE- I will not be responding to you. NO PICTURE- NO HOPE. Swingers in yoakum texas If youre open sexually, you rarely say no to anything in bed, you like being oral with a man who likes to be oral with you, then we wont have anything to worry about in bed.

Body types? I appreciate a REAL woman with a REAL body, shapely, a few extra lbs is beautiful in my book. But I've been known to go after a skinny girl here and there too.

I am NOT into body types that have obviously not been taking care of themselves. No BBW's I guess I should say. Sorry, just cant get into it if theres too much going on.

I'm not perfect myself but I'm working on it. I'm a face-chest-ass man. I love a great pair of legs too, but when the rest is there the legs are usually beautiful by default. Race? Any.

Beautiful is beautiful in any race. Again, ask if you have questions.

swingers in yoakum texas, with photo.

Swinger wife

outgoing,love the outdoors,not afraid to get dirty.i love making new friends and traveling.want to travel to more contries and learn about other cultures and looking for really devoted friends that stay conected.

ive always made good friends with guys and not girls,dont know guess im just a tomboy at heart.

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Swingers in yoakum texas

Single father looking to get out and have some fun. I've got no baby mama drama, and am free at nights to hang out. I like to go to parks and just hang out, talk, chill, whatever. Love camping and all outdoor kinda stuff, but also love hangin' out at home and just watching a movie.

Looking for friends or more. Swingers in yoakum texas I'll let you know, just message me.

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I feel like breaking all the rules

when i am home i to party fun and yeah i am freak i can't help it love female ( races is never problem)if your cool drop by and give me a i might have a handsome face but i a whole new animal in bedroom. i really don't why on , i guess i am lookin aroundmy i hope she is cool,sexy.

i want my to help me find what i am for?

swingers in yoakum texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

The name's Amanda, but most people call me Manda or Mandee, first things first, no im not a size 4 in pants, im a girl with curves, and if you can't deal with that you're loss ;) I LOVE sports. im a football FANATIC(go broncos)and i played lacrosse.

I also LIVE to be outdoors, im big into fishing,hunting,camping,4-wheelin,horseback ridin all that fun stuff, now if you wanna know more, let me know =] Swingers in yoakum texas Im not looking for random hookups, im a girl with morals.

So with that, no i won't trade naughty pictures with you, and no i wont randomly come over and have sex with you. Im just lookin to get to know people right now.

swingers in yoakum texas, view photo.

its a good thing Swingers in yoakum texas

crazy love to make jokes and have fun some say i'm a sweetheart swinger wife sex, horny women dating some say i'm a be the judgesomeone who has a brain.... and knows how to use it

swingers in yoakum texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

im funny...very very playful...affectionate...and i have a man, but i love women....i also tend to be really a deliciously fun way of course ;-D Swingers in yoakum texas i just wanna have fun... i really like thick women, skinny women are cute 2.

...but i love havin me a lil sum sum to squeez. im not really into white women (but iv been known 2 make exceptions) nor am i interested in talking to any men.

..i also prefer lipstick lesbians...sorry.... i love to be not looking for anything serious...just sum1 to make yummy memories with ;)

swingers in yoakum texas, view photo.

If you're hot I know exactly how to put out your fire..

I just want to say one thing.. Destiny, is only gonna bring us, wherever we are meant to be taken.. I also believe that women, are the most beautiful creatures on this earth.. I would be lying if I said that I am here for any other reason than to meet girls that are attractive.

Some of you may find me a little too forward, and then some of you will think I am a little conceited, but that×?Ts okay. Honestly, where are the people that that don't think highly about themselves? You will always find them in the corner with in an uncontested state, of permanent depression.

If you don't think highly of yourself how can you move forward in life and better your surroundings and feelings of insecurity around other people.

. Bottom line is, you will never find me sitting in that corner. As far as everything else is concerned, I just have my own views about life and always speak my mind. "Positive karma, follows positive people.

" Sorry if some of you are offended.. I like attractive girls with a good head on their shoulders. I love a girl that×?Ts not afraid to speak her mind, because im not.. When two people meet of course, looks are always first.

After attraction, then comes to the question of whether or not you click personality wise.. After that, if the chemistry is right, then comes that possibility of companionship.. But, in my opinion, even if two people don't share the same interests, a personality click is they key to a meaningful relationship.

. And its always nice when the person is as loyal, and honest as you are.. When I meet someone and talk with them I usually know what type of personality they have and within a very short amount of time and I know whether if we will click or not.

. Are you outgoing, spontaneous, and full of life, because I am.. And, I would love to meet a girl that×?Ts the same.. When it comes to sharing myself with someone, I am very picky.

. I×?Tm very confident, and I like my women to be the same.. So, are you are attractive, and sexy? If so hit me up.. Swingers in yoakum texas First I need to get to know how a girl thinks first, then I will know how open and forward I can be.

. And, if we think on the same level.. Well, then the possibilities are endless. There would definitely be kissing and petting if the girl turned me on.

. I love kissing.. To me, its like another form of sex, besides having intercourse, you cant get any closer to anybody than that.. Im a really good kisser.. Are you? I want a hot, sexy girl who isnt afraid to tell a man exactly what she wants.

.Is this you?

swingers in yoakum texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

love to have fun i skydive fish hunt swinger wife sex, horny women dating anything to do with the outdoors.has to be a freak like me and have as much sexual desire as i to all races.

swingers in yoakum texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

I collect kicks, i have my own car, i have a crazy ass family which is why i moved out to my own spot!(2 roomates) I go to Howard Community College and im studying sociology.. Im all about sports, i played football and wrestled in high school.

I love to ware a girl out in the bedroom, stop when she tells me to.. i dont know theres alot about me message me nd ask if your interested mamita. i have a free account so jus drop a name and email/number Swingers in yoakum texas got a thing 4 brunettes!!!!!!!!!! definently but thats just a preference.

as far as body type goes i like a girl whos slim with a lil body. i dont mind if a girls a LIL thick either. older women dont be afraid to message me... teach me something ive never seen before, and we can practice til i get it right.

If ur around my age nd want a real dude just make sure your real with me too. younger girls tend to puss out on these sites right before we hook up.

. so be sure if you want to hang out with me

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