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Im a cool laid back type of guy!! I love life and I live each day like its my last!! Im really into my music...Yes, Im a rapper, but I also write and produce R&B! I love music... gettin' money... havin' great sex.

.. and gettin' mo money!! Swingers in plano tx I think Im addicted to Oral Sex(Thats The Best)!! Its just somethin' about a Sexxxy Woman puttin' all this Dick in her mouth...I Love It!!

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`Better known as "The Teacher" or "The Tongue"!!! ~*A Zesty, Passionate, Fun-Loving Italian who Loves getting Naked With a Woman to Explore her Body!!!*~ *NO SPAMMERS* *NTERESTED IN HAVING SEX ~ MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WORTH KEEPING!!!** SERIOUS PEOPLE LEAVE A NAME AND A NUMBER HERE OR AT thisispete ON MSN SUBJECT .

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Swingers in plano tx

Active mature gentlemen, enjoying many, boating, water skiing, flying, motorcycles, tennis, snowmobiling, snow skiing, RVing, trips to FL in the winter... maybe a home in FL to spend the winter... I'm a touchee feelee kind of guy.

Kissing, holding?? hands and ... in public.. Skinny, to slender, to slender/average build. White to light color gals..Good kissing and NON SMOKERS are first on my list.. Must want to be close, not need to be close.

. I like to go to sales, flea markets, car shows/swap meets.. I'm not into sitting around all the time when there are things that can be done outdoors.. Yes, I do watch a movie or play on the computer, but, there is a limit to that too.

. To me there isn't much I can't do. Sewing, building a home, repairing a car or airplane, riding a recumbent bike, KISSING.. LOL There is a difference between making love and having sex.

. and it can happen with the same person too.. Do you feel that way too??? Swingers in plano tx Skinny, slender, to slender/average gals who are white/tan in color.

5' to 6' 98 to 145 Lbs.. I like long hair, but, that's no biggee.. Smart, sexy, active willing to try new activities.. I am also willing to do the same..

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Swinger wife

Hi, My name is Jeffrey, And i am from a small town in pennsylvania which even if you knew the name of i doubt you would know where it was. I live with a friend, and have plans to go to college in Sarasota, Florida in middle 2009.

I am a very outgoing person who loves to have fun, in every single way, in or out of bed. Showing skin is something im not afraid to do. Nudity is amazing and everyone should free the outer body.

About my , Well, Im single. And searching. You be my , And this section will be for you.

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Manufacturer 2 Destroy ones Hope of Existance's

Im 25, im in the army.. i have 12 tattoo's,planning on getting more, i like living on a adrenaline rush, i try every twice.. Swingers in plano tx Im looking for someone that is ing doesnt really have to be anything special.

.simple chat is fine..but im a what ever goes type of person

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Swingers in plano tx

Not really big on internet stuff but anyway. I'm 25, d and d free, with no kids, my own spot, 4 tattoos, no piercings and a full time job! I'm a person who loves fun and hates the bs. I'd rather have a person be honest knowing the truth hurts at times then to play around.

Always been a believer that time is something never to be wasted. Time is something that we cant get back so i'd rather live in the moment. I've got a gang of cool fellas that I hang with but females I know are too stuck up, texas swingers, tx swinging couples f*cking lying ass ppl or just boring! lol.

I'm a pretty open minded person looking for the same type people. Whether its just friends or turns into something more serious. I have a heavy love for music (most types) (even though I can't dance until i'm drunk) and love movies, sports, and anything competitive as long as I don't lose! Just keeping it real, I'm a sag so you gotta know that we all hate to lose on the low! lol But for real though, pretty easy to talk to so, find out for yourself.

Has to be able to hold a conversation. I'm pretty open towards my companions but like I said, just no bs. O, this is kinda off subject but I REALLY HATE BROKE A$$ FEMALES! >=/ LOL I love staying around gogetters like myself.

Not saying that I'm rich or even that money is that important but a person has to be able to hold there own and have that hustle in life. i'm open to everybody who's open to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Not really into the whole hoodrat thing because as much as I don't care what ppl think bout me the person I'm standing next to has to be just as fly or they gonna f*ck up my swag!

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Light my Fire L.A. Woman cause I'm A Backdoor Man. So Touch Me and I will Love Her Madly from Five To One, Waiting For the Sun............The End

I'm 6 ft tall, 175lbs, single, no children, no drama and DISEASE FREE. I am a straight Heterosexual 100% MAN (WOMEN ONLY!!!!!!), born and raised in the Virgin Islands, St. Croix (Cruz) to be exact. BTW, I am a Leo, so if you never encountered a West Indian Lion, it's a truely special experience.

Loves all types of music. I'm a huge fan of The Doors. So if you're a Doors fan then that's a big plus. I'm also an artist and a poet.

Positive energy is magic, true story. I've been told many times that I'm very handsome, but never the type to judge myself. But I know what I'm worth..........Anything else, just ask.

Contact me at , and I will be sure to answer you. So Light My Fire L.A. Woman cause I'm a Backdoor Man.......The End Swingers in plano tx If you are "selling it" in ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM don't even bother wasting my time.

YOU MUST BE PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY FIT!!! If you create drama, keep it moving. I'm a positive man and I want positive people around me. Race doesn't matter. Anything else, just ask.

I'm an open door.

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we enjoy having casual kinky fun together and looking to share the fun! Swingers in plano tx looking for honest women who like to share and have fun discreetly.

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Swinger wife

i will be deactivating this accont come august as far as my silver membership goes. i am a 23 year old diesel technician who works on semi's and trailers. I love being outside, riding, camping, 4-wheeling (racing harescrambles), bon fires, just having fun! I am a non-smoker, i am a social drinker.

off-roading and being off-road is a lot of fun and a big stress reliever! my job limits my social time to the weekends as i work 2nd shift.

I am a very shy individual once you first meet me, then i shortly get warmed up and act myself, just kind of an off-the wall,goofy guy, of which you will never know what swinger wife sex, horny women dating I will happen to get into next.

But i am blunt, sarcastic, a smart-ass, mostly with good heart ;) hardly ever serious unless i am working, but expect the unexpected with me!!!! i am looking for pretty much a tom-boy.

someone who is into the same things. i am a well educated, hard working, goal oriented, 23 year old, young man who is looking for other venues to supply the needed income to produce the revenue to sustain a hobby-rich, fun-having, lifestyle of which i deserve greatly and am looking for a female partner/friend to enjoy and share these journeys and great times with and possibly even more!!SEX.

...FRIENDS....PARTNERS....CHAT well,i am really looking for whatever. any questions, send em!!!

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

Im 26 years old. I like music, art, tattoos/tattooing. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, watching movies (mostly comedies) you know normal stuff. I like to stay active wether its working out or just playing around with a football or whatever.

Im good looking I'm in good shape and good in bed, Im just not the best at picking up girls. Swingers in plano tx Im on this site to meet some girls who feel the same way I do.

Right now I'm not interested in getting involved in a steady type relationship. Im currently just looking to have some fun and meet friends.

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