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Swinger wife

A few things that I love are, horror movies, alcohol consumption, tales from the crypt comics, sewing, cooking and good music. I'm a pretty easy going person. A good night to me is hanging out with some friends, knocking back some beer and watching a cheesy horror movie.

Want to know more? Talk to me. Swingers in plano tx I really just want to meet some new people who aren't shy about what they like or want.

Whatever happens, happens.

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a girl up for fun!

im into sports and parting i love to have fun and whatnot!im lookg for girls to have fun with

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Swingers in plano tx

I'm a hard working guy, work at a mill full time and then i'm a part time installer at futureshop. Love doing car audio installs and alarms. I'm pretty easy going, up for almost anything. Not a fan of clubs. Pubs are another story though.

Anything else just ask :) Swingers in plano tx Don't really know what I'm looking for yet. Just broke up with the gf about 4 weeks ago. New to this whole thing so help me out here.

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

My Name is D'Angelo Get at me

TO break me down I am 5'7 Average build Chestnut Brown eyes no tats no piercings. I don't do drugs just not for me but if you do thats cool by me to each her own. Do what you need to feel great I will still kick it with you.

I drink on occasion. I like many type of things. Going out to a club or seeing a live show or movie taking a nice long walk or drive to anywhere to staying home and making you dinner ( I am a Certified Chef) I love to cook and give massages make an evening or day very romantic.

So you know I have a very freaky side. I am willing to try anything except other men I love women way to much to ever switch sides.

With sex and Life I try to stay very open minded cause you never know what you are missing out on. When I comes down to getting down I can be as "Usher" said "nice and slow", bringing all the steps in 12 play like "R kelly", asking what's your fantasy like Ludacris" and trade places in the end" Whatever you want I can and will provide.

I am an exhibitionist; I don't believe in sex just in the confounds of the home I feel where ever you feel the urge you should go for it.

I am a military man(just medically retired). With that said I know how to serve and I do that well but I also know how to take control when the time call for it. My biggest pleasure in life is to please you.

I will look to find every-way to please hit me up i am waiting just for YOU!!!!!As for what I look for in a woman; Relize you are sexy in every way I love a woman who knows that she can turn me on any time she feels the need.

Know you have power in every way don't just let me dominate. Take control from me show me what you are made of. Most of all be your self; if you are real freaky don't be afraid show me but if you are the quiet type don't worry about rushing I am willing to take my time.

(what we do is for the pleasure of both you and me so I want you to enjoy every part of it as well) the rest fall where it fall. Don't hesitate to connect with me. I promise you this one thing; You won't regret it!!

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

woman 4 fun

IM 6'3 muscular, Love riden my bike campn and all outdoor fun but love long hard sex. Swingers in plano tx someone who loves the same things i do.

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

Swingers in plano tx

I am a 29 year old professional female residing in PG County. I am single mother that has become reently single. I'm not swinger wife sex, horny women dating really looking for a relationship just someone to have a good time with (including conversation) maybe even hangout.

I am looking for a mature male (NO HOMO'S/LESBO'S)that is over the age of 30 and at leat 6 feet in height. He must be well endowed (length and width) over 9 inches long and more than 2 1/2 fingers thick.

If you fit this discription hit me up and if u do not dont waste you time and keep it moving.

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

hey there miss.. im just a wild aussie guy who loves life and everything in it,i race dirt bikes,road bikes and jet skis,i love to party heaps and dance all friends say im crazy,i think its cos they cant keep up with me.

i choose LIFE! :) Swingers in plano tx all i can say is...i have a terrific amount of energy in the bedroom(or anywhere else for that matter),so if you have nt cum at least five times in a session i will be.

.. na you will:) i always show respect but i truly love hot sex with a woman who does too.

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

Let's see, I'm in college, etc, blah blah blah. There's plently of time for those details later. First off, I need to see a face pic & to know at least a little about you before I'll consider meeting and rarely do I make exceptions to that.

I'm sorry, but it needed to be said. Ideally, I'm looking for friends with benefits. BELIEVE me, I totally am a normal person, so don't worry about my ability to keep our sex a secret.

Nobody knows about my naughty side anyway unless I want them to. I'm up for f**k buddies too, like a just-sex deal. I'm not into the booty call...unless it's a regular thing, however if we hook up and things just don't click it's no big deal.

If we really hit it off and something more develops out of it, I'm totally fine with that. If my squishyness is a deal breaker, than so be it.

Believe me guys when I say I can take more than a skinny girl probably could handle... not like I don't love skinny girls. =P There are plenty of people who've accepted and embraced my curves as is.

Moving on. Just please don't be a few fries short of a happy meal or as sharp as a bowling ball. So if you can't hold my attention, then there really isn't much hope to get in my pants. Btw I like being sarcastic, too, lol.

I think of myself as the laid-back, go-with-the-flow type, as long as I like where the flow is going. I love having fun, but I love relaxing & cuddling too. So, anything else you might be wondering about, just drop me a line.

Swingers in plano tx Wow, um...I dunno...why don't you walk by me again & we'll see if that changes? Haha, just trying to weave my sense of humor into this a bit.

Definitely need to be looking for the same thing out of this as me. I'm DD free so you better be too... well, I'm not TOTALLY DD free since the twins are DDs lmao. I know, that was a bad joke.

I'm good for a few of those too lol. You don't need THE perfect physique either...heck, I'd be being a hypocrite if I said that mattered, lol. I'm a sucker for a cute smile. I'm a sucker for other things too but I'm not telling you that.

..yet, hehe. I'm attracted to more than just looks, as well. Personality is much more important. Same with keeping my mind engaged. I love somebody who can stimulate my mind, not just my body.

I'm somewhat shy at first, so anybody who can break through that wall is definitely on the right track. Definitely need somewhat of a sense of humor & a willingness to go with the flow.

..or take charge, but you better be sexy with it, lol. Any questions? Just send me a message.

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

Down to earth.....ready to have some fun! I'll make you scream!!!!

I'm tall,dark and hansome with Bright Blue eyes! If you would like to know more "just ask"! :) I know this is pretty much a sex site, but I have to tell you, I have met texas swingers, tx swinging couples some very nice woman that would like a little bit more than just sex!!!! and that's why I'm here! I'm trying this site out for a little while to see if it fits me!I'm looking for someone to have a lot of fun with! :) I'm a pretty easy going guy and love spending time with a fun loving easy going woman! I have a "GREAT" sense of humor, and a soft heart as well! If you think your gonna "wow" me with just your looks.

...sorry! I go alot deeper than that! But once you get me "LOOK OUT"!!!!!!!

swingers in plano tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

I am a well endowed 54 years of age man with a 25-30 year old body. Staying physically fit is a must in my life. I love sex with sensual women that have no hang-ups about sheer sexual pleasure. Big legs and shapely asses make my day.

.. Swingers in plano tx Come one, come all for I can do you till you fall. Satisfaction is guaranteed!!!

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