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I like traveling, driving, kids, music, art, sex, hanging out or going out. My cock is over six inches and I know how to use it! c h r i s m c g i n l e y 5 9 a t y a h o o d o t c o m Swingers in palestine texas Sex, kinky sex, open to a lot of things, I like using sex toys on you, I like to eat pussy, get head, go all night.

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Hi everyone thanks for looking at my page. my name is sebastian ,but all my friends call me sebby.I'm german by birth ,I work HARD to get where I wanna get.I am family oriented ,love my family.I'm a very chill person that loves the out doors and I love to travel.

I'm always there for my friends when they need me.I am a cancer so all you cancers out there hit me up,and if your not a cancer that's ok to.I'm a real ass person.

this site has a lot of fake ass people on here.I've been on this site for some time now,have met some great women and some bad ones to.I'm not looking just for a booty call if a good woman comes my way I'm def going to jump on that and see where it goes.

if its just sex you want,that's ok to,lol what guy would turn that down.but if your serious and a straight up woman ,and your not about head games and you keep it real.

I def would love to talk with you and get to know you more.not really about a .more about meeting nice woman and getting to know people.looking for real and not fake ass woman.

I want someone who will be my friend and a lover and spend quality time together.

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[Recently ive lost a friend of almost 13 years.Its hard.During this sensitive time,ive realized that i dont want my mom to see me dead.It would kill her,emotionally.Friends can be treasuerd in so many ways,be kind,respect one another and most of all,love eachother.

]trust yourself and enjoy today its your time and your grind live for the present cus the past was yesterday You think you got it bad look over you shoulder see the reality the person might be all full of life but all he or she is doing is hiding it Although life is hard Its consists of two things:Love And Past Fight with your friend and it might fall apart Look into yourself and wonder.

.are you the last one left? You lose some yet you gain alot Hush baby, Just listen Hear my Heart beat, My love flowing All i want you to understand is.

.me. A man, a son, A brother Positive attitude and rich in personality If you try to lie,dont bother Indeed iam who iam,now thats reality Ive made mistakes,and so have you Iam not perfect Im human Smart Friendly and most of all.

have confidence in myself. Dont put me down, i might hurt you not physically of course,thats an absurd Ive gotten hurt as much as you im strong,full of strenght and jsut want to be understood A womans mind is like a mystery in the making She is beautiful , has alot of respect, she wants to be happy Thats all.

We make a big deal out of nothing. Make her happy.Listen to her.Be with her.Trust her and most of all respect her! Run ur hand across her back,give her a massage. Kiss her hand, she is beautiful,indeed.

Her forehead,kiss it to. Let her lay her head on ur chest,she wants to fall sleep to ur heart beat. Understand her.Hold her hands.surprise her with a cupcake or even a late night phone call.

Pay attention, Live to make her happy. She wants something,just do it. Let her be in ur world. Ur galaxy. Ur heart. Swingers in palestine texas Honest.Friendly.Fun.Positive.Adventurous.Any race.

Im open to almost anything. Respect. Full of life. Period.Just do IT.

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Swinger wife

I may be 52 but I feel young and I am very active. I enjoy just about anything but my favorite pastimes are golf, motorcylces, fishing, boating and most any sports. I work hard and travel often so a little distance is no problem if we are compatible.

I am not looking for a one night stand, I would like to meet someone with maybe the same interests, liking motorcycles is a plus. I am looking for a possible relationship but not sure if this is the right site for that.

Are you my match??

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Swinger wife

Great sense of humor! Honest, like to have fun no matter where I am. Would like to find someone who wants the same.!! Swingers in palestine texas My ideal person would posses a humorous outlook on life, honesty, loyalty and just plain kind.

. I would like to meet a man who has game and can put up with my game and also must have a touch of the nasty! LOL!!!

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Swingers in palestine texas

I love to have a lot of friends, unfortunately my school has way too many guys, so girls don't be shy! I love going out and doing all sorts of activities (even chilling at a house)... I love rock and house music, I hate hip hop and rap, but those are the only clubs that are around texas swingers, tx swinging couples here so I am use to it I am half egyptian and half swiss.

.. I am very easy to get to know and I am always interested in getting to know people, even tho i might be a bit shy at first In Florida for another year or so till I am done with my studies.

.. catch me if you canI am interested in meeting girls and ladies who preferably are a "girly girl" and not dominating whether you just want a one night stand or to actually keep in touch or just friends, I am in for all, I always respect a girls needs and desires.

.. I expect you to be nice and fun, nothing trashy please :)...

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Lets have some fun!! If you like what you see.

I'm very fun to be around. I love to talk and listen and make new friends.Life is to short so lets make the best of it and put a smile on eachothers face one way or another. Swingers in palestine texas I'm looking for sexual encounters.

Willing to try new things with the right people.

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Attractive, successful, very active couple seeks couples for naughty fun and friendship. Swingers in palestine texas We are looking for females and couples that are 30 to 45 yr old.

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Swinger wife

Been told I'm VERY satisfying... and from the reactions I can pretty much confirm its not just lip service. So... I havent even looked around the site yet- so I dont know what I should write here- but I'm pretty open sexually.

I'm VERY oral and I like women who are as well. I dont like the word "no" in bed- its a show stopper. I like to spank, pull hair, nibble or bite. I dont like to be bitten and I dont have hair long enough to pull.

Not crazy about being spanked but if you must. I'm big enough to make you cum, several times if youre the type- but not big enough to kill you. A grower- not a show-er.

I'll come back and write more if I think of something else or hey- just ask. Oh, this is important- I HATE using condoms- though swinger wife sex, horny women dating I will for safety reasons of course- but even though they desensitize and you last longer- I'm not feeling it so I'm not having fun anymore.

.. Ideally I want to go bareback- and I know- no one here is looking for a relationship- neither am I- but whoever you are- you better just be clean and know I am too. Ideally a steady thing can develop trust and I can take my cover off.

I have NO PROBLEM getting tested for anyone who I want- take into account that may be a solution too. Just looking to have the best experience possible- and not risk my life doing it.

So there you go. ALSO: If you only have one picture up- thats fine- but I'm going to ask you for more. If you have NO PICTURE- I will not be responding to you.

NO PICTURE- NO HOPE.If youre open sexually, you rarely say no to anything in bed, you like being oral with a man who likes to be oral with you, then we wont have anything to worry about in bed. Body types? I appreciate a REAL woman with a REAL body, shapely, a few extra lbs is beautiful in my book.

But I've been known to go after a skinny girl here and there too. I am NOT into body types that have obviously not been taking care of themselves. No BBW's I guess I should say. Sorry, just cant get into it if theres too much going on.

I'm not perfect myself but I'm working on it. I'm a face-chest-ass man. I love a great pair of legs too, but when the rest is there the legs are usually beautiful by default.

Race? Any. Beautiful is beautiful in any race. Again, ask if you have questions.

swingers in palestine texas, view photo.


cubano con 6 anos en eua. en cuba era blanco y aqui son latino o hispano. Bueno al final es lo mismo pero no se escribe igual. mis abuelos eran espanoles, fueron a Cuba y alli murieron despues de crear la familia, Madsre y Padre estan en Cuba, 84 and 86 anos pero saludables , con achaques del tiempo.

Pronto estaran de visita por aqui para ver la familia que esta en miami, new jersey y tampa. Aunque siempre se escapan para ver amistades.

Bueno mas por ahora no. Swingers in palestine texas cubausacubausacubausacubausa, miamimiamimiamimiamimiami,,,,,,los quiero

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