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Swinger wife

i just moved to cali. i'm not sure what i want. i'm just takein things one day at a time. if something happens more power to it. Swingers in hondo don't like pushy people. don't talk to anyone without a pic.

needs to be open minded.

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Swinger wife

I'm intense and passionate, holding onto a dream that I'm struggling my way towards. I enjoy exploring life through activity, food and languages.I spend most of my time alone, always on a mission but lack the intimacy only a woman can bring to my life.

I'm looking for an occasional no strings attached hook up, I am after all human and need at least a little love in my life.

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Swingers in hondo

I'm a social type of guy, the type that if I got even slightly tipsy, I don't embarrass my friends, but others are just simply attracted and impressed on how accommodating and funny I can be. I'm serious when I need to work, and when closing bell rings, the business suit comes off, unless I got some unfinished work to do.

Gee don't you hate that. I prefer to embrace the simple and beautiful things in life. If weather is bad for example... I plan a meal that Rachael Ray could have made in the last thirty minutes. Makes up for that restaurant that we were planning to go.

If I can enjoy a day of rest along the beach it'd be my favorite getaway. If I exercise I love to run, cycle, swim, or just gym. More things about me of what goes on in my mind.

.. Coffee in the morning is wonderful, where redbull, just only fits in the cocktail recipe. In the day... for the most part... I'm just too preoccupado (preoccupied) with the fact that I'm flying.

.. 2 to 6 thousand feet in the air... trust me I know where I'm going. Gee if I didn't and I thought down was up... I'd be in the insanity ward. Yet I'll let you be the first to know.

LOL. This deserves a break... I'm also classy. Love to dress to impress on the nights out with friends. Image is not everything, but first impressions are though. I just simply love to go out for a good time.

Drink cocktails compared to beer most of the time... I love to dance, take walks, and just enjoy the moment. Once in a while I enjoy just being lazy... order a pizza, watch Everybody loves Raymond, How I met your mother, CSI, SCI-FI, and bluray movies.

Not very common though. Usually, I'm just studying. Then there are those days... when you know you've been faring the rocky world of the work force, and notice there are some days off.

.. I really just splurge and sleep a good day. Unless, there are more important things to do. Hey, everyone's got to re-energize. I am a lover of fine arts, performing, and visual.

I love the sound of the violin, pi Swingers in hondo I am very interested in meeting someone, who would be understanding, makes for great conversations, funny, loves romance, sexually curious, can really interact with others well socially, and can spin my world around.

Respects herself and others, is humble, social, funny, charismatic, not self-involved, knows when to be serious, and when to just let go and have a blast.

Likes to just chill on a chair, sit down on the sofa and relax to either a great movie, or down to earth conversations that really stimulate the mind. Someone who does work out, but if you are average build, that's fine.

I'd rather have the chance to meet someone's wonderful personality-wise. I do want to meet someone who is in tune with their sexual desires, someone who can broaden my horizon, and can be really cool.

Cool=Funny=Great friendship.

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female exploration.....

Let's start this over again, once more, from the top...I'm not looking for a long term relationship, though who knows what to expect. Just a beautiful woman interested in introducing a girl to something new.


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Looking to have some fun

I would say that I'm a laid-back guy that likes to have a good time. Swingers in hondo I'm here to have some fun and meet some sexy ladies! After that, it's all up to you :)

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Looking for fun Swingers in hondo

I love to give oral and am good at it. swinger wife sex, horny women dating will always try to please my ladyWell I am not looking for anything serious at the moment. Just taking it one day at a time.

Am a truck driver and get home about every two weeks. Love a good resturant, hate to eat alone,,share with me

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Swinger wife

i am a University of Southern California girl Go Trojans!!i am well traveled i love traveling going to exotic places is always exciting. when i am not travling i am busy busy busy at work. i love to hang out with my friends either going to the clubs or just staying at home and watching movies is fun.

i hate drama, so dont even bring it if you cant take it. i love the outdoors. since i moved out of LA i haven't done much surfing which is my favorite, i also love snow boarding or going for a hike.

Swingers in hondo must be drama free. i am not really looking for a just to meet some new friends. someone who shares the same interests like me! someone who can make me laugh.

good looking! someone to have a good time with. that likes to go out to clubs. even though i am just looking for friends i will not talk to no one over 30, so dont even try!!

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Loving Life in Sin City

i am an extremly attractive woman that loves to go out and have fun. i love to go dancing and meeting new people. Swingers in hondo i am looking for someone that wants to have a good time and shares the same interests as i do.

Looking for a generous older man that wants a no strings relationship. Or a fine woman who likes to play around.

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Swinger wife

I hate these things. About me, hmmmm....I'm a down to earth guy. I got a great sense of texas swingers, tx swinging couples humor, love sports and the outdoors. If you want to know something else, just ask me.

I don't discriminate, but then again, I do have a right to be slightly picky, LOL.

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Swinger wife

Open minded to any new experience and liasons where ever possible. Confident, open minded, positive, curious, foregiving, practical, hedonistic, shallow, narcissistic, hygenic, compulsive, affectionate, loving, exhibitionist, voyeur, optimistic, agnostic, romantic, positive, impulsive, irresponsible and shaved all over.

That is me! Swingers in hondo Surprise me and be original, discreet and spontanious, because that is my agenda.

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