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Not into flakes fakes or fems Pretty down to earth Swingers in brownwood tx Love body contact sweat muscle on muscle Love to ruff house and wrestle around Axoi,

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I am very, very tall. Looking for similar and discrete.

I love the outdoors and almost all sports. Good wine and traveling as well, especially to Italy. I am a very good chef. I am always down to cook for the right woman. Looking to to be taught and teach some moves.

Do you know how to massage? I'll show you if you show me. Had to bring out the cheezy 3rd grade line. Drop me one and we can chat a little. If I meet someone to date, great, otherwise lets just have fun.

Must be easy to talk to and NO DRAMA BITCHES!I am looking for one on one or group. Send me a message if you want to meet up or if you want some more pics. Hopefully you are tall as well, but if not I am attracted to just about every female.

As you can see breakfast is included. Cheeeeeeeezy!

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swingers in brownwood tx, view pic.

Swingers in brownwood tx

im all about fun. if anything comes out of it then thats cool also. im spontaneous and open minded. driving distance prefered. but if im interested enough i may travel. dated all different women (age,race) pretty open minded Swingers in brownwood tx someone who can be comfortable and be themselves.

sense of humor is a must! someone who can be open minded and doesnt expect a relationship as soon as we go out on first date.

had that happen alot. but who knows anything can happen.

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

well am an out goin gurl like to hang wiv my mates and have a laugh lol if u wanna knw more bout me give me a shouti want a guy from age 20 to 27 to have fun wiv like take me out and have a laugh wiv any guys dat can do dat den give me a shout

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

I love meeting new people . I was in a very bad car accident on may 2nd 2008 that left me paralyzed from waist down . Im still Me & Im gonna keep doin my thang regaurdless .. Yes , Im Pretty im Not gonna Doubt my self .

Just because I say Im pretty doesnt mean Im concieted .. Im Complicated but i put my ALL into my relationships . Im Not Gonna Lie I Want A Full Time Relationship . No Games , Lies , & Fights .

. I Keep It 100 No Bull ! Swingers in brownwood tx I Just Want A Guy Who Can Trust Me & Not Fight W/ Me All The Time. A Guy Who Can Recgnize My Worth . One Who Realizes Money Cant By happiness & isnt Worth Fighting over.

Im Not Asking For Prince Charming .. Just Somene who can love me for me ..!

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.

Swingers in brownwood tx

my name is Samantha but I am AKA Sam/Samy, I blow the candels out August 17. i am CLASS OF 2007 BABY!I am 20.i am single.! and loving it! ..I am a songwriter and I love to sing. I am portugues and Irish & a mix of a lot of others.

i love being out side i love movies im very sponanuse i dont like to make plans but i do plan i do love myself and im not affraid to tell ne one that, i love to read evan though i never get though a whole book, when i get bored and over tired i pretty much do not act texas swingers, tx swinging couples my age i love being silly and a dork some time i love to embaress my friends dancing in the street.

I love to perform. But I am shy when you first meet me. I like to make up words on the spot. I am the queen of drama. I have 3 tattoos and they are drama masks with my school colors and a chines symbol of beauty,and a clover for my nana and i have 17 pircings 7 in each ear , the tounge && the nose&& my lower lip, i am a cancer survivor and i pray every day for those who are still fighting.

.×?š THE REAL SHIT IN LIFE PEOPLE!×?š My life is my life. I×?Tm the real deal & id love to see you try and ing break me×?. I am the kind of girl who will burst out laughing because of something that happened yesterday×? i've learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures never replace having been there, memories good/ bad, will bring tears, and the words can never be replaced those feelings×?.

grudges are waste of perfect happiness, laugh when u can, apologize when you should, let go of what you cant change love deeply and forgive quickly, take chances, every thing and have no regrets, , you have to take the good with the bad, love what you got, and always remember what you had, always for give but never forget, learn from your mistakes, but never regret.

.quotes. Ppl change and things go wrong×? but always remember life goes on,the only ppl u need in ur life are the 1s that prove they need you.

many people will WALK in and out of youLIFE, but only TRUE friends will leave footprint in to your HEART. anger is only one letter short of danger. if someone betrays you once, it is his fault; if he betrays you twice, its your fault.

great MINDS discuss IDEAS; average minds discuss event; small minds discusspeople. he wholoses money;loses much; he who loses a friendloses much more; he who loses FAITH, loses all.

beautiful young people are accidents of NATURE, but BEAUTIFUL old people are works of art. LEARN from the mistaskes of others, you cant live long enough to makethem all yourself.

yesterday is history. tomorrow is a mystery. today is a GIFT ats why they call is the PRESENT.×?š

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.


We are happy,healthy,wealthy in good shape, good looking, and exciting. We do everything first class. Now we want to add more excitement to our lives. My husband knows my interest in women and wants to let me explore ALONE or With him once their is a comfort level depending upon your preference and mine.

We love life and excitment,... We don"t BS. No GAMES , NO MEN !!!So lets party, travel enjoy the finer things in life and have hot erotic sensuous fun together. NO MEN NEED TO APPLy!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO MEN !!!!!!!!!!I can assure you that we are a very attractive couple .

.. if we are interested in you ,we will send you a pic of (me) us .. you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!! Swingers in brownwood tx Very attractive femme fit women between the ages of 25 to 45 who is classy, beautiful inside and out and in good shape.

Would like to meet someone who can stimulate my mind as well as my body. . Someone who I can be proud to be with in public, whether it is traveling , the beach or a fine resturant, but who is also wild and adventurous in the bedroom would be the perfect match for me.

A friend first,then good times .Are you out there???????

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.

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i am very much attracted 2 a woman's body i need someone in the area so i can see what its all about but i dont wanna rush anything all that pushy is just not for me i need more then just a horny message i want a good conversation and good company and if thats u then u are the weakest link GOOD BYE! Swingers in brownwood tx im not really sure hopefully someone in my area i want a real feminine woman with a nice curvy body that is very clean no funky chicks please

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

laid back. loves money, works almost everyday, swinger wife sex, horny women dating loves clubbing and having fun. etc.not lookinf for s looking for fun clubbing friends someone to chill wit n have fun.

who don't want just my pussy. etc. But I will make exceptions.

swingers in brownwood tx, view photo.

"I dont want it all the tym but wen i do i better be satisfied , So giv it to me ryt or dont giv it to me atall" ;)

ask me wot u want to no and il tell you :) x P.S IM NOT INTO CAM FUN!!!!! So do not take my addy then ask me to go on cam and do dirty things as u will just get blockd and deleted!!! Swingers in brownwood tx fun fun fun :) im looking for a strong man.

..sum1 who can show me the best tym of my life..would prefer sum1 taller than 5'6... Guys if ur profile says ur looking for men,women,group sex,fetish,transexuals and you guys with profile pics of your bottomn do not i repeat DO NOT contact me.

.that is just greedy and so not sexy in my eyes..

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