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Thank you for looking at my profile...I am a buisnessman in the Boston area, work out 3-4 days a week to stay in shape...quite a bit of all work no play in my life....not looking for relationship, just uncomplicate sexual exploration and journeys with that special someone looking for same.

...I have tattoos and due to business reasons and discretion, no face pic...but would be happy to send you one Any man can sleep with 100 women 1 way.

... But a REAL MAN can sleep with 1 WOMAN 100 ways...I'm REAL Swingers in amarillo tx Someone who wants to explore with me, have fun being flesh to flesh....believes that foreplay begins with the first contact and continues and builds up to that first meeting.

.....that likes long deep, passionate kisses, and willing to experiment as long as we both agree.....a search for the ultimate sexual nirvana

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Swinger wife

shy, confident, friend, funny, sarcastic, hot and a lot of other good things but i'm not perfect but... who is?) me at sevemashave pleasure is al about that, earn experience and give experience. try new things will be nice too.

I'm open to EVERYTHING don't hesitate to ask

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Swingers in amarillo tx

Hay girls. My name is Daniel. ive changed a lot over the past year. im not looking 4 a party girl 2 just have fun with anymore. im looking 4 a permanent girlfriend with whom i can both have fun with and share my life with.

I'm a mountin boy. i love riding quads, hunting, fishing, and camping. so i need a girl who isnt afraid 2 getr a little dirty. :) lol. Swingers in amarillo tx I'm looking 4 the 1.

if you think your her jus hit me up.

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I'm hard working,loyal,trustworthy, fun, sexy. I really like sex, but that not all I'm about. I'm about Nascar,cooking out,camping out,just wanna meet some good friends,or one good friend.Well I'm looking for the love of my life,but until I find her some good friends will do.

Hit me up, let's have a good time...and if something comes out of it, all the better...

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Swinger wife

Im jus a regualr girl tryina pay my bills by working hard. Im bi and have a boyfriend but am lookin for a girl to have fun with cuz i love girls. im not lookin for a relationship or anything like dat jus straight up fun bc i love my bf.

But if ever we were to break up i would only date girls. No my boyfriend will not be part of this b/c i dont want him to but he is ok with me messing with another girl .

I love to eat out and to be ate out! lol. Swingers in amarillo tx i dont have any pickiness bout weight or race or anything. But jus so u know, im on the big girls side (thick).

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Swingers in amarillo tx

Im that guy whos to nice for the world but yet instill I play the game fair by my part. Ill give you as much of your dream as you can handle. I love women in general, swinger wife sex, horny women dating to see a woman smile is one thing but to make her ginuienlly happy is what I love to do.

It gets me in trouble sometimes but if your happy, Im lovin it.just stepping up to bat. Ive noticed a lot of women who need that little bit of quality time to help them proceed with the rest of thier life.

Not sayin im all that but "I good". see you smiling already

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Who knows!!!

I'm the kinda of guy that most women would like to take to bed. Just a fun loving person who enjoys outdoor sports such as 4x4, camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing and hunting. Just to let those that care know, I'm originaly from Louisiana and right now living in Florida.

I miss my home state Louisiana girls, but dont worry I would love to meet people from around the world. Swingers in amarillo tx I just want some fun.

Maybe casual sex depending on who you are. I look forward to meeting new people. Don't take me too serious cause I love to joke around.

swingers in amarillo tx, view photo.

Time is a waste of life, Life is a waste of time, So just get wasted all the time and have the time of your life.

I'm just a typical nice guy that loves meeting as many people as I can. Obviously theres more to a person thsn a paragraph, but only those interested enough to talk can find out. Swingers in amarillo tx Open minded, non-judgemental, can have fun doing anything, even if it's nothing.

swingers in amarillo tx, view photo.

r u that girl??

rican/mex cage fighter whos lookn swinger wife sex, horny women dating for somone 2 show some moves 2..somone who can handle me n show me gud time!

swingers in amarillo tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

*if you dont like that im only 19 then please dont read on* **and please if i message you then respond, because i took the time to try and "get to know you", im not some little boy on here trying to get off on your pictures, come on now i have movies for that.

So you ignore me its all good i wont trip, just dont be fake about it.* I love to have fun in life, because if you live your life and dont have fun then you just wasted it.

I love to travel and do new things and traveled around the united states and mexico. The best place I feel is Miami, because when I went down there I had a great time and the people were lovely.

I love to go out and chill with the friends, and on weekends thats usually what im doing. I go out a lot to shop and find new clothes and shoes, because if a man comes up to you looking all bummy please tell me your not about to talk to him, but if his clothes are nice, shoes are right and he has the right smelling cologne on then its on.

Im all about having fun and looking for someone to have fun with so if you feel like you can handle having fun and doing new things, then send me a message.

Ok and i talk to or try to talk to older woman. yes i know that, i just turned 19, and your like what 25? and, not saying that im all on my grown man because if you say that then you trying but your not.

but i do know what i want and females my age are almost 90% about games and i hate that. i hate lying i hate cheating my two things that i can not stand, so i try to talk to the older woman because they are usually about one on one, relationship status, with no games attatched.

So yeah im 19, and? dont like it, it.. Swingers in amarillo tx hmm. wouldnt you like to know...i mean i love that slow sex, that sex where our bodies are soaked and we didnt even know it yet.

i love that fast sex to where i want to let you know i can handle it, and throw it great. i love when you put your legs on my shoulders and let me go deep.

nothing gets me more than that, unless you know my spots and try to hit them. tease me, but dont over due it, because to a certain point its a turn on but cross that its really not.

talk dirty to me, and whisper in my ear because if im not doing it to you im stroking you wishing you would do it to me....ha let me stop, just message me.

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