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I'm very outgoing and fun to be around and im looking for a girl thats fun to be around and has a really good personality.

i'm 6'1 and 175 lbs. I like to be outdoors most of the time. ill tell ya more if ya wanna know...just email me... Swingers colleyville texas just a good fun to be around girl... has to have a good personality and willing to spend alot of time with me.


swingers colleyville texas, with photo.

Just wanting to see whats going on with these sites and see what kind of trouble we can get into

I like to have fun in what ever I am doing no matter what. Like I said earlier I am from Kentucky, so naturally very into the outdoors. I am done here trying to get a company started so I know very few people but shouldn't take long.

I think one of my favorite hobbies is to meet new people. I am very energetic so see if you can keep up. O and by the way I am a guy I guess this site just thinks I am so damn sexy that they are comparing me to a women, hahahaEveryone should make an attempt to keepin shape, I know it can be harder for some so I don't judge.

I want to meet some women outgoing that don't mind to go out and get a little wild every now and then.

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swingers colleyville texas, view pic.

Swingers colleyville texas

I am a student at the University of Kentucky and i like to work out and have a good time on the weekends! i like to hangout and go to movies if i have the chance. I'm very chill and just looking to have fun when I'm with my friends.

if you want to talk to me just do it and be yourself and don't try to be anything else! Swingers colleyville texas i'm not trying to get into a relationship but you never know! i'm down for anything just let me know!!! i want a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets

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Swinger wife

Disc Jockey. Single.Self made man. Work in the erotic entertainment industry at one of the finest clubs in the panhandle. i like beautiful women. i look at them everyday, at the beach at work in my home. if you like quick bangs, im not your guy.

ive had women leave me because i f**k to long. twenty minutes is a quicky for me. i prefer 40 minutes to an hour.(this does not count foreplay) I MAY NOT BE THE PRETTIEST FISH IN THE SEA.

but i am a by god beautiful human being. if you want to hang with me....hit me up lets talk. Thanxi try to treat most people with respect and kindness......if thats not your cup of tea, i will treat you however you wish to be treated.

i am slightly dominant but not hard core. i prefer highly romantic encounters for the moment. i like my moments to last 2 to 4 hours......and overnights are cool.

i prefer nsa im kinda set in my bachelor ways. but you never know. so what are you waiting for? Contact me. Thanx Tony B

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Swinger wife

I'm into music. I go to school in Nelsonville but am from Columbus. I rap, sing, make my own instrumentals and I play the guitar. I have a solo project, I am in a group and I am in a band. Swingers colleyville texas I want a women of any nationality as long as she looks good.

She can't be too big though because I'm not that big myself but if she is short then that is a plus, if she is horny a lot thats a plus, if she doesn't want an attachment then thats a plus and if she gives head then thats a plus.

I'll make you leave happy, if you want to or are able to get up and leave that is.

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Swingers colleyville texas

29 stationed in okinawa japan. i like to hang out and have fun. wild and crazy or chill and relaxed. depends on the day and who im with. i prefer the first though hehe. im talkative if the other person talks a lot to.

i like a wide variety of stuff to do from clubbin to hiking and biking to gaming etc. even just chillin swinger wife sex, horny women dating and cuddling on the couch watching a movie.

i prefer to be active. and i dont like to sleep much. im tired of being lonely but i have no time for childish games. if you want a relationship, good. i like to make a woman happy. if you just want sex hehe i can help you out with that one also and im damn good at it.

the way i see it is if its ment to happen it will, and whatever happens...happens. i want a companion, someone to hang out with etc.

.. if it turns into a relationship or more or not it dont matter.

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Swinger wife

At first thing, i seem shy and non-talkative, but once i get to know someone, i am more outgoing and fun. I have a well-rounded personality, i like adventures and talking about anything. I'm always up for anything random :).

There are other things in me than that but i am not going say all of it here... Swingers colleyville texas Trying to find a person whos up for anything, open-minded, talkative, with a balanced personality, a curiously kinky mind ;) with goals and some decency.

..not just some random poofer..haha.

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Swinger wife

So you want to know a little bit about me huh? As difficult as it is to describe yourself in a block which says about me, I'll try my best. I was a senior at IUP majoring in Sports Administration until my Army reserve unit was mobilized to Fort Benning, GA for a year.

I guess graduating will have to be put on hold for another year. Anyways, I'm always up for meeting new people and being new to the Columbus area I'd like to get to know you if you think we'd get along! Swingers colleyville texas Anyone who isn't afraid of meeting someone new.

I'm not saying that I'm looking for a serious relationship, but I'm not opposed to the idea either. Feel free to send me a message if you're interested!

swingers colleyville texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

PlEASE READ befor u CONTACT hey im not sure what i want but i do know that i love to talk about anything anytime but i am looking for somthing specific and if u got u'll know... texas swingers, tx swinging couples OO Sry but im not intrested in black women no-offence, that in mind feel free to give me a shout , oo and for the ladies that want more pics , i have plenty just askplease dont add me if ur fake or have a blocked picture or u dont show ur face , sry but id like to see who im talking too, im honest person so would like to be respected back thx u p.

s. sryy

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Hey.. Whassup every one? My name is Crystal, I am a single bisexual 19 year old female! Looking for friends or maybe more! I live in York, PA... I am looking for a male or a female to be my companion... Someone to talk to, some one to lean on, some one to do sexual things with.

.Some one to be my self around! Possible a relationship. I just wanna be close with some one, and know that they aren't doing those other things with any one else BUT ME!! I do have AOL, , , Black Planet.

.What ever.. Just ask me for my screen names, and I will let you know! =] I listen to rap, hip-hop, r&b.. I love music, it is my life! I love my friends, and my family.

They make me who I am! I do work, and I enjoy traveling! If you want to know any thing personal about me, just let me know! I LOVE MEN AND WOMEN.. MEN; I LOVE BLACK MEN.


. THAT TURNS ME ON!! IF U GOT A BODY, AND YOU AINT AFRAID TO SHOW IT.. COME HOLLA!!! Swingers colleyville texas I enjoy pleasing, and being pleased... I like to GIVE and RECIEVE... More details, shoot me a message! I AM LOOKING FOR SOME ONE WHO IS NOT FULL OF THEM SELVES.


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