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lookin 4 love in all da wrong places??? nooch

im an open book, ask and i shall tell... not your typical man...i actually listen and am honest.. blah blah most judge just by pics im guessing, but if you want to get to know my brain, just ask me things.

.. im a massage school dropout, now in nursing school, and am a semi artist. Southpadreisland swingers cute face, semi drama free, has skills in the bedroom area, im not looking to be a teacher so much anymore.


southpadreisland swingers, with photo.

im looking for someone intersting

Im board with relationships. im looking for some no stings wild sex.i need someone inventive, let me know what your plans for me are, i havent tryed much in bed (or anywhere else) but im willing to try anything.

..i also like being sub

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Im an Italian, Mexican, im 24, i enjoy ne thing and everything so b creative and tell me your ideas Southpadreisland swingers

Im an Italian, Mexican, im 24, i enjoy ne thing and everything so b creative and tell me your ideas and I wont stop until i satisfy those wishes ......r u game! Southpadreisland swingers Ne one whos interested in having a good time and can keep up holla at me and see if we can work something out.

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Swinger wife

I am a nice young woman, who likes to just chill at home most of the time.. BUT...***MARRIED MEN STAY AWAY FROM ME***FAKE WANNA BE NIGGAZ GET REAL... LET ME JUS SAY... IF U TALK ALOT OF SHIT AND DO A HORRIBLE JOB.


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Swinger wife

All you gotta do is ask and I'll tell you. But I'm pretty much laid back, easy going and easy to get along with. I'm a nice guy I think, I have manners and respect women. I'm not gonna do dumb things like say "Holla".

.. "Yo Yo what up guuuurrrl". I mean, what ever happened to "Hi, my name is....". Anyway... just msg me! Southpadreisland swingers Someone just looking for a good time. Nothing to serious right away but who knows.

Someone who doesn't hold back and it forward and open about their feelings. Someone not scared to take a risk or two. Sorry only two photos.... don't have many on my comp. anymore.

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Southpadreisland swingers

Lets start by asking you all a question. . . Do I look like I like to have fun? What else is there? I am pretty simple to please, and swinger wife sex, horny women dating just looking for fun.

Am single and liking that. If you think you might like to dominate me a little, your wish is my command. . .Whatever is needed or necessary. Who cares as long as it is an adventure of some sort. .

. There is so much more to me, but I get bored talking about myself on these sites. Maybe I will add more later. . . This is a test. . .

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Swinger wife

I'm a full figured woman, if you're looking for barbie, move on! I'm a Nursing student looking to get into pediatric oncology, I am looking for some fun to have on my free time. I am mainly available nights and weekends, but I cannot host at all.

I am fun, easygoing, outgoing, down to earth, funny, adventurous, not prissy and snobby and stuck on myself. I like pleasing the guy I am with and will do just about anything LEGAL sexually minus facials and anal, also, I will NOT, I repear will NOT include another female in our sexual fun, I do one on one ONLY.

If you feel you need or will try to bribe me into doing either of those 2 things, move on, it won't happen! I will update this more as I come up with more to say.

. anything you wanna know, message me.. Southpadreisland swingers WHITE MEN ONLY, WHITE MEN ONLY, learn how to READ, I'm not trying to be rude, but seriously, I have already put NO BLACK MEN in my profile and had about 50 of you still email me in less then a week.

Get over it, I don't want men of any race other then white, you don't like it, TOO BAD! MUST be UNDER 35 years old, NO ONE over 35 will even be looked at.

MUST be SINGLE, no cheaters! IF you are married, have a gf, have a buddy or friend with benefits, I am NOT, I repeat NOT the girl for you. I want a 100% SINGLE guy, MUST be WHITE, I cannot stress this enough, NO black guys, no spanish guys, no indian, native american, Iraqi, Afghani, etc.

ONLY white guys, must be within 40 miles of me or less if I am traveling to you, NO bull or drama PLEASE, if you're having issues with an ex girl or baby mama don't bother with me, I won't be put in the middle, I am NOT looking for a one night stand either, seriously, have some respect for yourselves, one night stands are skanky!.

..will think of more later

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Show me your A$$

I have always been healthy pervert since I was a young lad, now all the exploring and experimenting has made me what I am today, A true blow your mind pleasurer. I am an ass man, love to see butts and back door play.

I like to be teased, flirt away! Southpadreisland swingers butts butts butts, nothing gets me more ridged than a sprawled out goddess, I love the female form, I've studied it probed it analized it and I'm well versed in the quest to make it quiver.

I never quit till the job is done, more than once. I"m up for anything.

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Swinger wife

I have a great sence of humour, its a little out there at times. I can be a little sarcastic to the point of turning heads but its all in fun. I love swinger wife sex, horny women dating flowers, fresh spring air, flying in airplanes, and looking at water features.

there is some other stuff but I can tell you that later... :)heh heh I have a few interesting things Id like to do. Ask me :)

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This Pussy Will Drive U Crazy

Im a down to earth, sexy, attractive independent female, that seeks someone of the same interest. I love women.....Yes Indeedy I do...Nice titties and phat asses I love....I love aggressiveness too....I don't like a woman thats shy.

....My ideal situation is for a female to just walk over to me and start sucking on these phat nipples of mines...ummm that makes me wet from the though ofit......If thats you.

..get at me. Southpadreisland swingers A sexy shapely female....I love it all, Hips, titties, phat asses and mos def the wet pussy

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