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if interested, find me agr1158 on that waaahoooo site

I like to thank for screening members better. So back to me. I live in NYC and looking for something from a to a relationship. I enjoy sports, a huge NY Giants fan, like to play as well as watch. I also enjoy going to the gym, movies, theater and other things NYC has to offer.

As per inside the house, that is something we can chat about online. My aim sn is bkpapabearnyc or at agr1158. Hope to hear from you soon! Sexywomen of turkey Someone who is comfortable in their own skin and likes to have fun.

I understand inhibitions but willing to try new things. I ike to have fun and enjoy myself. I work in Manhattan NYC, and live in the area as well.

Looking to meet someone to spend time with in and out of the bedroom. I understand looks are subjective but I also like to meet someone who I can have conversations with in between having fun! Please let me know if I have interested you.

I have a cam and usually on around 9-10pm in the evenings. Dont be a stranger and send me a message, or email me. I am agr1158 but on that woohoo site.

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fun and experience

Soldier boy career Soldier over 18 years experience. Tall Black Drill SGT at Fort Bennig, Ga..ready for open emotional recently divorcedfree to explore what life has to offer. God made females to males to Love and worship and I will do my best to fullifill their needs.

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Sexywomen of turkey

i figured it was time to update this thing. i enjoy music and movies. i work kind of weird hours, so it is tough to meet new people. i also love sports and going running to clear my head. i've been told i'm a pretty funny guy.

i think i'm a genuinely nice guy. oh, and i'm not a big fan of writing this stuff trying to talk myself up- i feel like i'm trying to sell myself in the penny shopper. Sexywomen of turkey okay, let's be honest, she needs to pretty and not retarded.

i'm not necessarily looking for a one nighter (not that i would turn that down if things were right). i want someone i can take out on dates and is comfortable enough to be herself.

and, hey, this is , so i would be lying if i said i didn't want something physical as well.

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im simply me laid back easy going high sex drive and i will try ne thing oncehave to be laid back easy going and willing to try new things besides that only other thing i say is that you have to be an excepting person

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Music is my pleasure, sex is my addiction

No i'm not into all you webcam girls, plz don't write me, I only want to write with girl's, whom aren't into selling me things I dont need. Add me, b4717b . com I work, to be able to play music. Go to my .

com/ mrmojo66 The one with the long hair is just a wick, you know, kiding around. :p Sexywomen of turkey Want to meet my perfect girl, that can make me happy, and feel loved. Seems there is noone in this town im living in, so why not try here.

Even though I find that hard to believe, with all the fakers. But if you should find me exciting in any way, don't hesitate to write, then we can take it from there.

.. Have a good one. :o)

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Frat Boy out for Fun!! aim paintballlfalcon Sexywomen of turkey

Alright, im not really in a fraternity, but swinger wife sex, horny women dating spend most nights in one or another!!Im looking for someone who isn't looking for anything serious, but leave room potential for growth? I love to do just about anything, so if you have doubts, try me!

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Inbread Fat Guy With Crooked Eye

Well, I've recently come out of the closet and I'm looking for some fun to open me up, in more ways than one(hehe). I have a picture up of my ex boyfriend because I still love him but, it turns out he was a grimey crackhead and he was stealing other couples toys and using them on me.

GROSS! Anyways, I have hepatits C and oral and genital herpes. But, it's not about that... right? Anyways boys... get at me *wink* Sexywomen of turkey I just like a nice size cock in my ass!

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Swinger wife

ORIGNALLY FROM BROOKLYN NEW YORK About me,make sure you're sitting down, here I go 1. I Live in LA & Hollywood Hills, but the 3rd Alley & 4th trash Can, and my Trash can top is newly painted. 2.

I'm leasing a Big Wheel at Toys R Us for .98 cent a month for 60 month, I wanted a Green Machine, but they said I needed a Co-signer,cause the car note is .19 cent a month 3. I have Foodstamps with my picture on it,, lol 4.

I have a Slauson Swap Meet credit card with a .00 credit limit, so I have the hook up on the socks, lol . 5. I have a Cell & Hm Phone which is the same number,but its located at a Pay phone booth on the corner of La Brea & Sunset with a Chair in it, so if you're passing by,blow your horn, 6.

I'm leasing my Michael Jordan tennis shoe at the Pawn shop for .33cent a day. 7- I'm on my computer only when Kinkos closes,so I sneak in the back way,and use there computer,lol Well, thats enuff for now,,, PS: Yes these are all jokes Now the real me,,, I'm single, never married , no kids & I love the hell out of kids.

I'm originally from Brooklyn New York & live here now and been here a little over 2 years.I'm your average brotha, Romantic & Funny, & I mean Funny looking,,lol,, I love to have fun & chill at its moment.

I like Bowling, playin Basketball, Movies & Late nite walk on the beach, Hint Hint, For a Living, I own 2 Company, A Record Label & also a Credit Repair Company, thats for for people with bad credit, I Erase Bad Credit.

If you're feelin a brotha & you wanna get to know me,then leave me a message & if you can't then leave me a message on my personal at feelthisbrotha at dot com.

As for me, I'm straight forward,so do the same so we can both be on the same page, feel me I'm not looking for no games,so don't take it personal .

.Cause I won't,, lol I'm a Respectful brotha in the streets,but a straight up freak in the sheet,,, enuff said Sexywomen of turkey 1.I'm looking for someone who smoke weed everyday and drink and have no life,,lol 2.

I want someone who talk on the phone all day and don't have a job, and they dont' take bath, lol 3. I want someone who likes to steal meat out of the market and sale it back to the market as a discount, lol 4.

I want someone who has bad ass credit,So I can clean it up and let them mess it up again, lol 5- I want someone who don't know how to cook,but love the hell out of TV Dinners,lol And yes again,THESE ARE ALL JOKES, for those that take it serious But on the real, be "STRAIGHT UP FRONT" If you're looking a paying customers, Sorry, I'm not the one, not my style,, so don't take that personal either, cause I won't, lol

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Discrete good looking healthy professional that does swinger wife sex, horny women dating not look or act my age. I travel Kentucky, Straight acting male 18 to 35 slim to athletic build that is into older men.

Not looking for a relationship just a friend possible sex.

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You only live once, so live it!!!

Can I be truthful!!! Once you settle down after after being Mr. Inhibited or Captain America Freakiest. It's hard settling for Ozzie and Harriet. If your Mrs. Harriet don't respond. Sexywomen of turkey An open mind and will to try everything for more and more pleasure.

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