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Hi! I recently broke off a twelve year relationship in November of last year and I realize that I have never really had a satisfying sex life! I am now 40 years old and looking for some fun in bed! I love sex very, very much and I really like oral sex, watching pornos and using toys! Night clubs If you think you can handle me please leave me a message! I would also like to be treated as a woman should be treated by a man! My needs to be met!

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Casually Dating

what can i say? i'm a scorpio so sex wit me might surprise u. let me know if your interested. just say memberi want my to like to have sex, not just one round but many, and also likes to give as well as recieve.

..and then...maybe cuddle if there is time lol

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I'm a cool skateboarding dude that really wants to see what sex is all about and ready to ride a hot female instead of a skateboard for a change! Night clubs I'm looking for a lady aged 18-38 who is nice & loving, who does not mind being touched all over from head to toe! & wants to have sex all the time! basically a girl that is real attractive and knows what LOVE is.

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lets get it poppin

im a cool laid back person lookin for somebody who down for whatever and aint scared of new tricks if thats you get at me!!!!!!!never done it b4 but im want her to be sexy nice shape ready at any time .

people who are in montgomery should really get at me !!!! tring to do some today if possible :)!!!!!!! not lookin for no dick because my man put it down but mostly need a sexy chick from the gump town but any where else fine to long as you willing to try anything!!!!!

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Lets have some fun.

White professional male looking for fun in Oklahoma. If your interested in have a relaxed time, no stings attached fun then drop me a line and lets get together. Night clubs Looking for a person thats into a casual relationship, and maybe more down the road.

If its an afternoon adventure, or a weekend full of passion, you can never know where it will take us. If your tired of the some ole same ole, and what to just cut loose and let your cloths fall to the floor then drop me a line.

Missed opportunities are something that can never be experienced.

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GOOD TIMES GUY!!! Night clubs


Hey everybody, very easy laid back guy who trains MMA and play competetive Lacrosse and Hockey. Love to rip it up on the dance floor, have fun, make people laugh, and swinger wife sex, horny women dating getting naughty when called for.

I love pets and have a Half Rotty/Lab cross. Some people have a hard time keepin up, is that you? I am very respectful and polite at the same time.

I dont look down on other people and am happy for thier success in life. Please, Dont be shy, lets chat a bit and who knows maybe we will hook up or go steaking through the quads up to the gymnasium lol.

..Love OLD SCHOOL FRANK THE TANK.I would like to meet people that are easy going, no drama, keep themselves in good shape and like to have a good time.

I would like to meet up more than once since it gets better as you get to know each other more. Being hot is a plus but you must have something going on upstairs so we can have a good conversation. Cant have good sex if your not able to get inside someones head.

If you think you can handle this guy then give me a shout. Thank you

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Who? Me? I'm just looking for a good time... dinner and a movie? video cuddling on the couch? booty call? Any or all I'm game!

I'm your avarage guy on the outside. I love to travel and experience the world, I like history i love the outdoors... blah... blah... blah... Under the sirface. I'm very much the kilt wearing, pipe smoking, scotch drinking, xtremist.

when I get into somthing I get into it! I go/have gone to many festivals like Sinorgy (now element 11), Pagan Heartland Festival, Beltaine Fire Festival (in Edinburgh, Scotland)ect. and this year looking to make it to Burning Man this year.

I love being naked, I love kinky and I love sensual. Sexually my goal is to please and teas, every woman is different. Some just need to be pleased and some just want to be teased.

finding that balance is the fun part! Night clubs I'm looking for a good clean, healthy, woman looking to have fun... like I said, I'm up for almost anyting. I'm like everyone else! Sometimes I just need a booty call (and wake up alone).

Sometimes I just want to go and hang out and have a beer! Some times I'm hoping to make you breakfast in the morning! If your interested, let me know, lets hook u and see where in the spectrum we fit!

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Guys that take the time to know what I am all about

Hey guys Im just a fun loving girl that likes to have a good time. I love music and hanging with friends...i live a pretty laid back life for the most part...Here to show off on my cam..great place to meet interested people I ONLY DO CAM before I meet, so if u don't like that, sorry!!! Night clubs I do cam shows please msg me ONLY if INTERESTED IN A SHOW AIM dreamyds dreamydesire69 I will do GENERAL chat HERE.


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Swinger wife

i'm hopefully gonna enlist in the Marines by the end of the summer as a 4641, which is a combat photographer. If all goes according to plan, I will be shipping out to boot camp early September. while I like tattoos and piercings, I dont have any tats yet and the only piercings I have are my ears being guaged.

but i know exactly what i want tattooed/where I want the tats and I also know what I want pierced. just ask if you wanna know what tattoos i want and where! NOTE: the snakebites i have in most of my pictures are not real lol.

i wont be getting the real ones for at least 4 years. I'm very easy going, I'm sarcastic, I can your best friend or your worst enemy, you can tell what mood I'm in by the color of my eyes -normally blu-green, when i'm happy they're bright blue and when i'm pissed, they're texas swingers, tx swinging couples green-, I was "blessed" but the curve fairy lol, I dont care what people think about me, I'm a major anime/ manga geek, um.

...I'm pro-war, pro-life and pro-death penalty and I like to talk a lot lol, honestly i could talk your ears off if you let me. I don't drink, don't do drugs, don't smoke.

I love reading -I will read anything you put in my hands-, writing, photography, music, movies and traveling -so far I've only been to Dominica, Cuba, Trinidad, Honduras, Mexico and Belize. I plan on that list being a whole lot bigger by the time I die-.

I have a slight vampire and pirate obsession lol. I'm working on writing a book about a pirate who's a vampire. i have aim, yim, M3N -the 3 is an S- and skype.

If you want any of my screen names, ask me for it. anything else ya wanna know? just aski'm a sucker for: tattoos and piercings, guys in miltary uniforms especially if you're a Marine =) and nice jawlines lol.

if you're military and wanna turn me on, have a picture of you with your dog tags on -shirtless-. that for me is suuuch a turn on...seeing a guy with his dog tags on. yuuum please dont contact me if your over 27.

if your over 27 and u contact me, 9 times outa 10 i'll just delete you're message. sorry but even 27 is pushing it for me.

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Laid sense of humor...(make me prove it..!!) lol respectful...don't do to be around...!! Night clubs Laid back...kinky...knows who she is...and open-minded experimental lover behind closed doors.

..doesn't do easy to get along with...!!

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