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very shy man who is looking to improve social life. Been working too much over the past few years trying to change my life. Very clean(no drugs, drinking, smoking). I need to say I am in the middle of a change in my life.

In my 20's, I just worked and went home. Now, I'm more into seeing new things and meeting some new people. oh and girls, I promise unless you ask for it I will not show you penis photos. I'm sure if you want to see it you'll let me know.

I take pride in being clean cut. Keep my hair short, I have no tattoos, and I shave everyday. Naked girls in waco tx Basically a lady who's not afraid to share some feelings.

it's fine with me to speak what's on your mind. I find that quite appealing. I am not overly aggressive and arrogant so please don't be either. Some intimate dinners and a little hank panky is right.

And unlike a lot of men, I do enjoy foreplay. Lately I do seem more attracted to older woman. I guess it's the maturity and the confidence they show. And please have some class and don't be a slob.

I see way to much of that on here.

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im looking for real people who like to be arround a fun preson who is open and comfortable in their sexuallity,i am a bi femail who enjoys the thrill of the chase,3wayz,wild one on ones.. im down for and experienced quite a bit .

.wanna know more hit me up ....absolute sucker for long haired&tatooed men and women who arent scared !!!!

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someone cool to chill with Naked girls in waco tx

im fun to be around, very easy going, adventurous and what not. i go to college cvery lose to nyc I dunno, Im just lookin to meet some cool people just so you know the sites instant messaging doesnt work on my comp, send a message and ask me for my AIM or sn Naked girls in waco tx someone interesting, passionate good sex, cheeah

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Your new dance partner ;)

Life is too short to let opportunities slip through our fingers, foolishly believing we will have another chance tomorrow to do what we should have done today. Carpe diem isnt just a bumper sticker or catch-phrase to me -- its a way of life.

I have traveled to distant lands and met exotic and diverse people. I savor the experienced sights, sounds, flavors and feelings of those fantastic voyages. I have loved deeply, and been loved profoundly.

For me, life without intimacy is a job, not a joy; a chore, not a celebration. I love to share my life with others, and I consider my friendships and family members my most valued and cherished gifts.

I am a professional, someone who can appreciate the need for discretion and discernment. I am well educated but not nerdy. My hobbies are as varied as my eclectic music collection -- I find beauty and fulfillment in diverse places and strive to immerse myself in it as often as possible.

My physique reflects my passions. Im not afraid of hard work, blood, sweat or tears. Excellence comes with a price. I refuse to allow nature or mere happenstance to dictate the terms of my life, so far as it is within my power to forge my own destiny in this world.

I know what I want, and I do what it takes to achieve. I do not expect perfection -- not of myself, and not of others.

However, when choosing with whom I will spend these next precious moments, I cannot afford to array myself with friends who are content to simply coast through life. To be my friend, you must have passion, feel driven, know what you want and how to achieve it.

Flakes and frauds will be left to their own devices. I am a sucker for a sexy smile, a sensual kiss, and a sense of humor. When we meet, I will see your physical beauty first, but then delve deep into your personality in search of your hidden beauties, wit, charm and passion.

I dont care to rack up qauntity at the expense of quality. My definition of chemistry: the ability to engage my intellect as ePLEASE READ: If you are using this website as a fishing ground for online AVS, web-cam pay sites, or any other pay site for that matter, DO NOT CONTACT ME! I am not interested! I will not check out your web page to go find your phone number.

I will only respond to REAL people.

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Swinger wife

Im a cargo pilot and i go all over. Typically in DFW every night, and then out in east texas durin the day. Love to do anything as long as its not sitting around doing nothing. Im always up to go someplace ive never been.

Naked girls in waco tx I just wanna have fun. I dont see a problem with meeting up for a few drinks and then takin it from there. I dont go into anything with any expectations except to have fun.

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Looking to make friends with benefits Naked girls in waco tx

tall,trim, balding on top vary short swinger wife sex, horny women dating hair,easy going , sincere.easy going, no head games,not onto people makeing dates and then not showing, I'am for real you be to.

If I'm doing something that makes you feel good I'll do more of it, into kissing,sucking,nipples,anal and oral, makeing passionate sex,forplay, all the good stuff!!!!!!!!!

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De Tout Mal de Choses

This winter ill be making my way across the us via road trip. If anyone wants to join, or help out by giving me a place to stayIT would be much appreciated. And your gratuity will be rewarded Naked girls in waco tx just looking for some friends, who knows

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Swinger wife

I am a French and black male originally born in Europe (Paris) but introduced to America at a young age.. Yes I do speak French... Very minimal... I understand it better... I am a personal trainer and I also teach self offense/defense(martial arts).

. Im also an entertainer. I've been in the music industry for some time now.. lol.. ask about me.. I come from a mixed family. my father(white) mother (black).. Ive been all around the world 2ce.

.. I love traveling. I'm very sensual and romantic. I believe the purest form of making love is kissing.(first introduction of physical emotion expressed.) ... Lol!!! Im self sufficient and independent always have been.

Im looking for a gorgeous lady who knows how to treat and satisfy a real mans needs. mainly physically... money isnt an issue to me... i make that..., i got that.

..i need someone of the same caliber or greater.Someone like me who understands the term "unconditional" It would just be nice to see how it feels to have air beneath my feet. Does this exsist??? let me know.

.. -King in waiting... -Cxii-MILLiON. Naked girls in waco tx THOSE WHO WANNA MEET ME... (WOMEN WITH CUTE TOES & a STABLE mind state...HOLLA!) As for anything else... well if you want to know me.

.. Get to know me... Don't fall for the hype...This internet is ed up you know... lol... Yeah..., I guess you know when you've "made it"...When you've "arrived"... You see the true colours in the spirit of people.

..You know friends are like dollar bills... They can be easily made. But easily spent... Save your pennies for a rainy day y'all... "change" makes all the difference... Believe me.

naked girls in waco tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

well to be honest, my favorite thing in this world is SEX. unfortunately, i cant seem to get enough of it. i love it all ways all the time. there isnt anything with a texas swingers, tx swinging couples woman that i don't do.

if i have not done it, i am willing to try it. I also believe strongly in safe sex. if you are on the same sheet of music as me, holla back.I am recently divorced from a woman who thought that sex once every 2 weeks was sufficient.

now that i am single, i need to get back into the groove of things and get as much as possible but be safe at the same time.

naked girls in waco tx, view photo.

Swinger wife

i'm a 34yr. old black man looking for fun. i,m laid back and drama free Naked girls in waco tx looking for no strings hardcore sexually pleasure. drama free and disease free.

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