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Swinger wife

I'm a hard ass worker who doesn't get much time to myself, but when i do i like to use it wizely. Not that much of a partier anymore, but dont think i couldn't out drink anyone, lol. Lumberton texas swinging I'm looking for a girl who just wants to have fun, and knows how to "take care" of me.

Maybe a relationship but its not a priority right now.

lumberton texas swinging, with photo.

Swinger wife

ok about me i dont really know what to put here not looking for a guy to be a bf unless thats what it becomes having to much fun being singleIM NOT HERE FOR A JUST A FRIEND AND DONT SHOW ME YOUR SHIT I REALLY DONT CARE IF YOUR SMALL OR BIG GOT IT YOU SHOW ME IM NOT EVEN GONNA TALK TO YOU OK K PEACE messenger kerri_joe_shreffler msn k k dont try if u aint got a pic k k

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I've got stamina, great tools, a hard work ethic xxx Lumberton texas swinging

I;m a mix of different races each adding a touch of spice to the spirit...i'd love to give some lucky girl a taste..and make me the luckiest boy!!!!! Lumberton texas swinging I can travel and number's always active .

I work alot so no time for proper relationships..just filling in the

lumberton texas swinging, view photo.

anything fun

i am a greek american born in boston grew up in both greece and america. i like traveling, i am a people person. i am not shy in big groups i like to go out for dinner to different places, dancing and i can have fun almost any where.

people say im funny i like to joke around I am looking for someone who I can have fun with or hopefully somethig more, I work alot so I don't always have the time to go out and meet people.

I am very opened minded and am always willing to try new things, I would just like to meet someone who enjoys some of the same things. I want, someone that will go with the flow depending on the day , maybe a drive or spending time with the family whatever that maybe.

I enjoy just getting out with friends on a social gathering or for dinner. I don't want to spend all my time looking for someone at a bar, I want to spend my time getting to know that someone special.

I look at life with the attitude that you need to live life to it's most and it;s only what you make of it, always up for the adventure I even went bungee jumping i would love to tell you about it.

its such a funny expierience. So, I want to meet someone who feels the same way I do. a little bit daring is a start if you fit this description contact mei dont have a type its just the chemistry you can find good thing in everyone

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Swinger wife

I want interaction! Fun and friendly! Call me Call me, right here, right now! I'm 6' 189lbs, physically fit, average body type with a decent tan. My number is in here. I'm an average guy with some ambition. Yes, I don't mind.

Phone to me, see below in the ad typed out. Chat Chat Chat and we're on our way. Then we'll send pics to each other and or text to get going! Mmmm. Call me up and lets have some fun! Call eightfourseven, threezerofive, ninesixeightthree.

I'm exercising and dieting, so I'll look even better soon (and more tan) for good, fun, sexual pleasure! Call eightfourseven, threezerofive, ninesixeightthree.

Hey there's phone chat lines out there ---- Send a pic/text and don't be shy! We can do that just to start if you want!! We can go out for a glass of wine or beer or relax at yours. You see the basic face and what I look like.

I'm easy to feel comfortable around! Lumberton texas swinging Looking for someone who wants to explore and get sensual! Just call me. You have a friendly guy here waiting for some interaction that you'll feel comfortable around.

The number is in about me typed out.Call me for fun! Send me a pic/text. Later we might ease into a situation with some wine and get friendly and maybe horny and erotic or just a massage.

Maybe you want to play at a room or relax at yours and get nasty or night out on the town to get into things! Call me, the number is in the ad typed out in about me and in one of the pics so you can see it, send me a pic/text.

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Looking for Mrs. Right not mrs. Right now! Lumberton texas swinging

I'm 27 years old! I have an idea of what i want in a girl! I'm almost 30 in 3 years i'll be 30 and thats a problem in my eyes! I don't want to be 28 or even thirty and be alone. I'm old fashioned and i believe in opening doors for girls.

And if you don't like a door opened for you by a guy that cares about you then hit the road because thats who i am and thats what i do. I'm not controlling & i believe in the 50/50 rule.

I would like for once to find a girl that asks me what i think should be done instead of says WE ARE DOING THIS! A woman that treats me like a man & not a child! NOTE TO ALL FEMALES: If you have been beaten or hurt by every guy you've been with, or if you can't handle a nice guy then your not the girl i'm looking for.

I WANT a girl that likes a "NICE GUY". I'm sick and tired of just settling for what i can get. For once swinger wife sex, horny women dating in my life i want a TRUE WOMAN, that will treat me just as good as i do her.

But yet is able to have a good time with me, I DON"T want a smoker, I'm sorry i have my standards just like everyone else! You must love kids, because i have a 5 year old and hes a good boy! I want him to have the best of everything.

NOW i have been known to fall for girls that do smoke just cuz they have "THAT PERSONALITY THAT JUST ATTRACTS ME" so it depends on certain things BUT 99% of me says i want a NON-SMOKER! I want a serious relationship with a girl.

I WON"T DO ANYTHING ON CAM INNAPROPRIATE BUT LOL....I don't mind if you do! I want all of you reading this to know i'm single, and I am looking, but I am telling you right now, I am DONE with the games and dont be fake with me PLS! I want a serious SERIOUS relationship! And s is not exactly my thing!Just want to meet some ladies and find the one that loves me for me! And i got no idea what to do on cuz i just barely signed up 3 days ago.

But i know i've seen alot of pretty girls on here! So please please feel free to message me and let me know what you think of me cuz seriously I"M WANTING TO KNOW WHAT ALL YOU GIRLS THINK OF ME!

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Swinger wife

I'm a talent scout for the adult entertainment industry....Mainly looking for strippers but also have connections to doing porn or webcam me at dot com.... Lumberton texas swinging I'm looking for the hottest strippers, who've thought about getting into stripping but never went for it.

..It's great pay and you can have a blast doing it! Stripping doesn't have the stigma it once's actually a respectable job these days. can have your independance, money, etc....all while doing an easy job! Email me directly at dot com for more info....whether you're new at it, or you're an experienced dancer, get ahold of me!!

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Are looking for me?

Hello my name is Stephanie. My Friends call me steffie. I am on here looking for a good time. I dont want any drama or games. I dont want anyone who is looking for just cybersex or phone sex. If we connect and decide to get together dont be fake and dont expect me to jump your bones the minute you walk through the door.

Just cause i want a doesnt make me a whore so dont think you get to treat me like one. I am shy but once i get to know you I can talk with the best of them. This is a site for s so there is not reason you should lie to me so dont.

IF you are married or in any kind of relationship DO NOT message, im , email or otherwise contact me i am not interested. I am looking for a CAUCASIAN MALE ONLY.

No offense to anyone else that is just my preference. I am drug and disease free, I dont drink or smoke. I am currently working my ass off to get to my ideal shape. I am not fat nor am I thin. I am trying to tone up.

Anyway I like music mostly country and oldies . I like to cook dance, movies, all that good stuff. I would love to learn to rock climb, as well as many other things. I am up for just about anything.

I like to have a good time just like the next person. I have a high sex drive probably about as high as any man so if you think you can keep up and you met the above critera then send me a message and let see what happends.

Also dont ask to be my freakin friend if you cant even bother to send me a message first because you will be denied. And last but not least do not send me a message if you have your dick in someone in one of your pics.

While I would like to find someone with experience I dont want that image in my head cause that is such a turn off.I will not reply. Also I have my pictures up so atleast have one of you with a clear pic of your face if you want a response from me.

This is not meant to be rude but come on now how do i know im not talking to my pervert old high school teacher. all others will receive a response no matter wha Lumberton texas swinging I am looking for a man not a boy.

I would like to find somone who wants to have some fun together and is not closed to the possiblity of a relationship somewhere down the line. If you are interested you can send me an message and see where things go from there.

Also if you are 40 or over I will not respond. i will respond to those who actually read my profile before sending me a message.

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This old dog knows lots of tricks

I'm tired of being a nice guy that always finishes last. swinger wife sex, horny women dating Thought I'd give this a try and see what happens.Someone that can appreciate a mans full attention and knows how to return the favor.

lumberton texas swinging, view photo.

Swinger wife

I like beautiful women. I am busy if I find a good woman here I will make time for her and if you just want sex thats even better. Lumberton texas swinging likes to f*** one time and leave=] no lol

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