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I'm the four-way intersection; somebody's always coming. Bi-curious, but only where looks areconcerned. When it comes to relationships, I'm straight. Canyon lake tx horney women Has to have a sense of humor; mastery of sarcasm appreciated; being into the dark club scene also appreciated, though not essential.

Able to wrap your ankles around your neck? I'm yours!

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My space com / rootweave

Calm, cool, collective and quite dynamic. I'm extremely laid back and easy going, I don't fret or become embittered by the small issues life may present. You may be breezing over my profile, and I can guarantee that any negative impression (if any) I may be portraying. dead wrong. I'm that guy you want in your life...strong minded,established, undoubtedly put together, adventurous, goal oriented, worldly, genuine, and I'll make you pee your pants from laughter.

I mesh with almost any personality. I'm involved and unpredictable, I'm the type of person that goes to the hardware store for a chainsaw, and on the way back randomly purchases a violin and starts lessons.'s happened...ha. I'm an ex fine art major turned Union Ironworker. I love renovating my 80 year old house and traveling the world. I love taking black and white photos in the streets of Lisbon Portugal or jumping off a cliffside and paragliding in the Alps at 4,000 ft.

in Slovenia. I like watching everything from HGTV to cagefighting. I love turning on good music and sketching in bed with a good cup of coffee or rock climbing Sunday morning. I love salmon fishing in Fairbanks Alaska and surfing on Ocean Beach San Diego.

.....I like deep kissing and tender sex, and I like hard, hair pulling, dirty talking,kinky sex. My horizons cant be pin-pointed and always endless.

serious and "REAL" applicants only. My mind is completely open to all on this platform. I find all women beautiful and there is always something positive to say about even the "less blessed". I have transitioned to more of a sexual person over sensual in the past couple years.

Having said this, a lady in the streets/ freak in the sheets would better suit me. I won't object to a relationship, but it's not my first approach.

If it developes, then so be it. Overall, I'm disenchanted by stagnant realtionships with women I simply have no interest in. It would take one hell of a eclectic girl to settle me.

More so looking for a relaxed and memorable time. Even if I don't completely click with you, I'm always up for dinner, drinks and a good conversation. If you live unreasonably far, or your a male that wants to message me on how you want to deepthroat my cock.

..I'd have to say keep moving.

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Canyon lake tx horney women

My wife and I are looking for someone to have fun with. She wants to watch and may want to join in. Canyon lake tx horney women We are new to the group thing, so someone with experience would be nice.

Of course, we want to get to know the person(s) first. We are looking for a woman or couple (man and woman).

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Hmm..."Comon Baby..Lite My Fire"...

I'm just a good ole boy, waiting for any woman who believes a guy that works with his hands can fix anything in bed. I'm the kind of guy if I say I'm going to do something,"take my word to the bank and deposit it"! I can build you a Castle to the SKY or create that ultimate fantasy that you lack.

My humor is off the chart sometimes but thats just me. I can hold an intellectual conversation from chemistry to cunninglingus.

Don't be fooled by numbers because the heart knows no age. I don't hang with crews. I'm an independent Aries. I not going to be in the area to much longer, and am moving in a couple of months to upstate N.

Y. where my love for the great outdoors superseads the suburban life style. I have been known for my energetic personality,adventure for just about anything. Spur of the moment weekend getaways, and exotic island retreats.

I have a big heart, a need to satisfy and be satisfied like no other. My passion runs deep,my sensuality isn't cheap, and my honesty is the integrity to my soul. Above all is my pure dedication as a friend or lover to the very end.

My life is an open book waiting to be shared with those who can truley ciffer its contents and use it to their best interests. My accomplishments are in the DFW skyline, and a select number of challenges thrown at me.

I'm a problem solver,good listener and one erotic now that i gave it to you in its condensed version..for those of you who passed this up.

..that's life.You must be equally starved for Jungle Love. Pleasant on the eyes,moist when as my warm breath reaches your inner thighs. Lay yourself down and enjoy the ride. I'm into getting you so far off the ground you feel asthough your floating.

I have yet to use the restraints but at the same time no pain for you or me!I have a dancing pole for both our enjoyment and would just like a steady thing when you or I are available.

I can ramble with the best, but would rather go into it in person. NO BS. Just Good SEX and companionship. No strings,contracts or other forms of IOU's. NOW, its all up to YOU! Chow ladies.

Like I implied, its first cum first served. C Ya.

canyon lake tx horney women, view photo.

Swinger wife

I'm very blunt and expect this girl/guy to be the same, i can't stand a lier. Canyon lake tx horney women I'm looking for a friend and an intimate partner. I want this girl/guy to be sexy, clean and experienced but not slutty.

I also want this girl/guy to be completely sane. If you want to chat you can im me on messanger it's

canyon lake tx horney women, view photo.

Tell her that you miss her whispering eye... Canyon lake tx horney women

I've been having problems with my messages lately. If I send you a friend request and you accept, please send me a message. New friends aren't getting my first message, which makes me think they don't want to talk.

.. So, I guess it's about time to update this. Just got stationed here in San Diego. Good god: SO MUCH BETTER THAN NORTH CAROLINA. Oh yeah. About me: I'm a T-Shirt and jeans type of guy. Sorry. no style here.

.. swinger wife sex, horny women dating Originally from Oklahoma; so I definately have an accent. So, I'm gonna go ahead and say, I'm a VERY forgiving person. I can forgive someone about damn near anything, as long as they actually have the guts to apologize to me.

I think that's my major flaw: I'm almost too nice. I've been taken advantage of because of it, but I'm not gonna change my ways.

Maybe, one day, I'll meet someone that sees that as a good thing.Who knows? Whatever happens, happens. But I need some friends for sure.

canyon lake tx horney women, view photo.

Swinger wife

Just looking for fellow freaks out there. New to Oklahoma. I've heard the bible belt really is a freak paradise. Canyon lake tx horney women tall, dark and hung..... not asking for much.. don't ask me to cam or cyber, pointless.

I need a real mans hand on me. Keep it real people. bella

canyon lake tx horney women, view photo.

chanute couple looking for fun friends

he is str8 and well endowed she is Very Bi and has big tits VERY FIRM Canyon lake tx horney women Cpls with or without Bi wife . Bi ladies for 3 somes and possibly hung str8 male for 3 some.-- also ladies can play with him 1 on 1

canyon lake tx horney women, view photo.

Hit it hard. Hit it often..

All you sex starved horney little hotties. My name is Steve I love making women cum over and over again.I want to lick and love every inch of your sexy, sizzling hot body and overwhelm you with pleasure.I love to play for hours watching good porn with hot chicks getting pounded in both holes at the same time, (D.

P.) such a turn on.Then use my cock and a toy of sum sort to tease you and make your whole body tingle with goose bumps and have you begging for more. Women are so lucky you can experience so many pleasures and orgasmic feelings and for hours and hours.

I swinger wife sex, horny women dating get a great amount of pleasure from getting women off.The moaning,screaming and emotions,watching them just loose it turns me on.

I want to lube you up and rub you down from head to toe with my tounge fallowing my fingers.So for all you hornball sexfreaks out there that want to cum play with me,I'll make your pussy driping cumdrops and your body melting like M&Ms in my mouth and all over my hands.

f any of you ladies are bi or bi-curious and want to bring a friend along, multiple women is encouraged and would be an out of this world experience for us all.

Naughty or nice? I am looking for a woman or women that are very open minded, very sexual, nice tight body(s), attractive but not stuck up, somewhat inteligent that love to get ed and try new things.

I am very into clean anal play and Double pen. with my cock, a dildo or vibrator, or another woman w/a strap on is good clean fun as well. Never tried it with another dude but anything can happen I guess.

.. I need someone who is not afraid to get down, and dirty and enjoys recieving an intense amount of pleasure. I this sounds like you then lets hook up and go from nice to naughty.


canyon lake tx horney women, view photo.

Swinger wife

im the sweetest chika you will ever meet im graduated and lookin to go to college for massage therapy i love women men and me dont go well together im currently single but im lookin for some fun... im a thick chick wit a lil extra balance im a very beautiful puerto rican down to try anything wanna know more about me get at meh Canyon lake tx horney women im lukin for a fly chick someone confident and sexii dnt care wat size as long as you luk gud.

..ta jevi

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