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Look I can do what only your wildest dreams can come up with, so if you want to test me out let's go for it all... Bi curious women breckenridge texas Someone who can not cause drama and just get on with everything.

I want her to not cause drama and keep my attention for more than one encounter...let's see if you have what it takes...

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Bi curious women breckenridge texas

im originally from dc/ now livin in fl. I love the beach, house parties, doggy parks with my pup, chillin with friends and fam... I really am about action... talk is cheap to me. Im lookin for someone who is real and can see past the front of their nose and know the world has so much to offer to those who jus take the time to make happen.

I am one of those type of ppl... i dont wait for nothing i make whatever i want and need happen. im a go getta ;) Bi curious women breckenridge texas im lookin for my tall dark and handsome man.

.. 6'0" n taller, mixed/puerto rican/italian, honest, real, hardworking... someone who doesnt play games and isnt into the bs. I need somthing more then just sex so if thatz all ur about then bounce.

Dont get me wrong tho when and if we do click like that n you are what im looking for then trust you wont be dissapointed lol.. come with it!

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

I am a grown man who loves WOMEN!

Nice looking man with a strong sexual appetite. Well rounded and traveled.Sexy well built,(not too big, not too small. Attractive and in control.

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

hey everyone my name is charvelle im 18 years old and i live in utah um... hit me up if u want to kno ne thing else Bi curious women breckenridge texas ok so first off if u dont have a pic dont add me cuz u must have something to hide(and im not trying to sound like a bitch)2nd if u think u r way to old for me than u probably r 3rd im not the type of person to have a one night stand so dont expect it im not a SLUT!!! if u wanna kno ne thing else about me just send me a message

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

Someone that I can't stop thinking about.... from the time I open my eyes in the morning until I close them at night..... only to meet them later in my dreams...... naughty or nice ones.... haha. Bi curious women breckenridge texas

I'm a gymnist... so I am very flexable. I am VERY outgoing and love to try new texas swingers, tx swinging couples things. I guess if you want to know more.... you'll have to talk to me. :)SOmeone to have fun with and make me feel things I've never felt.

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

Swinger wife

I may seem a little shy at first, but get over it pretty quickly as you will soon see. Easy going, down to earth, fun loving guy that loves to travel! Recently purchased a new 35' RV that is perfect for weekend getaways to the beach, music festivals, etc.

Also love international travel like Europe, South America, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, etc. Anywhere there is sunny warm weather, a beach and beautiful blue water, count me in! Shoot me an email and lets chat, but please know that I am not interested in paying to see you on a webcam.

Bi curious women breckenridge texas attractive, fun loving, easy going, not high maintenance, spontaneous, willing to try new things, secure with who she is, likes to travel, sensual, etc.

Since no one probably has all these qualities, a few will be better than none. :-) Someone that has a lot in common with me is also a huge plus.

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

Fulfill your sexual desires and mine

Just out to find a woman who's not inhibited and is very open about her sexual desires. Not looking for long term, simply looking to fulfill whatever sexual desires a woman might be hiding inside her as well as acting out some of my own sexual fantasies.

One thing for sure, I don't reach sexual satisfaction until my sexual partner (woman) has climaxed several times, especially if she orgasms while I'm eating her out.

Bi curious women breckenridge texas A woman not afraid of acting out her sexual fantasies, and role playing. A woman who loves to receive endless amount of oral as well as give it. I love the taste of pussy, especially when it is very wet and I love to taste a woman's ass with my tongue.

Looking for a woman who loves to try out many different sexual positions, and if she's willing to try anal that's a bonus.

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

I am lookin for some female friends to hang out with and do things together

I am different from most people. I am very honest or you could say blunt. I have the tendency to sometime say things i probably shouldn't have . I don't do it purposely and always have good intentions .I am a confident person, I love myself, i believe before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself .

I believe you can do anything you want in life. Just never give up & stay positive. Everything I have, I got it myself. PERIOD. I work my ass off and i don't believe in credit. If I can't pay for it cash.

I don't need it. I am a very passionate person. Meaning , when i do something i do it right. Never half ass anything. I take pride in everything I am involved in and strive to be the best. I am a easy person to get along with and it doesn't take much to make me happy.

I am affectionate and expect the same. I believe ,for a relationship to work to its full potential, you have to be texas swingers, tx swinging couples good friends .

You have to enjoy "some" of the same things. I am not controlling, i believe a women needs her freedom, and if I can't trust her to have freedom, i don't want to be with her anyway.

I have never cheated on a girl. I have something most people don't Morals, I alway do may best to do the right thing, because if a don't I will regret it in the long run. (Failure is temporary , regret is forever .

That is why you should never give up and always do what is right) I am not materialistic, i don't need money to be happy. Don't get me wrong, I like to have nice things, but the things mean nothing if you don't have someone to love , to share them with.

I like all kinds for music, rap, rock, oldies, etc... I don't watch TV, at all. It is all fake, fabricated ,& mindless . I like to read , write , draw , etc .

.. I like to watch Movies: action, horror, mystery ,political documentaries .I am basically looking for female friends to talk with and maybe hang out sometimes. Not looking for nothing serious, although if the right girl comes along anything is possible.

I just got out of a 7 year ,mentally punishing, relationship almost 6 months ago now. Just trying to ease back in to this game.

Figurativly speaking.

bi curious women breckenridge texas, view photo.

Cowboy Wanting Sum

I am easy going laid back and full of Malarkey, I like to laugh have fun and play. I learned a long time ago when it comes to sex keep your mouth shut and make her happy, you may want to be invited back for sum more.

There is very little I do not enjoy getting into when it comes to a woman's body, I love everything you have to offer and will indulge in your treasures often, I am affectionate, caring, loyal, love to kiss and like to cuddle, and playful, I am also very oral.

I do not play head games or any of that BS.I am honest and open, a true romantic. I am looking for long term but am not going to set around until she shows up, I shall play and have fun.

To put it in a nut shell I am a good man who likes the bedroom, and have very few taboos. And I am only average in size, it's the way I was born, I make no apologies, I do have a very talented tongue though.

If you like the out door rugged type of guy, feel free to write I have not bit anyone in years. Duane NOTE: CAM GIRLS, I will not go to your site for any reason, you can do nothing I have not seen before.

I have a cam and chat, they work very well together, it is all I need. Thank You Bi curious women breckenridge texas I would like to find someone that is loving, caring and loyal, and fun to be with, who is very much the lady out of the bed room, most of the time, but not a lady at all in the bedroom.

I would want her to be pretty and intelligent, who enjoys getting out in the world and living. And of course be heavily into sex.

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